what can young people do to make Nigeria better now and when they assume positions in future

What can young people do to make nigeria better now and when they assume influential positions in future?

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Hi! I just saw this question and found it interesting, so I will try to share what I think about it.

First of all, I think young people of Nigeria should start with getting proper and profound higher education. It is not enough to just dream big; you should also be competent enough to achieve success in your area of expertise. So it is not enough to just enter the university, but young man should take the most out of it thinking of the future to come.

Then comes the perfect timing for dreaming big: once you are competent in certain areas, and you are aware of your strengths and life passions, try to think of a way to combine all of this in an inventive and a creative way. The niche of startups and innovative companies that provide all kinds of businesses in Nigeria is not yet taken. There is room there for everyone who is willing to make a difference in the state today and has guts to implement it.

Young people should also try to get into the governmental sector in order to change the overall situation in Nigeria. The corruption level is overwhelming, so the country is in a great need of those who will not be afraid to fight for it and get into the seat along with the country leaders to help them rule the country and add their personal beliefs into the governmental system.

I believe that if the young generation starts working on these points right away, it will not take them longer than up to ten years to achieve more and occupy the influential positions. Both categories I mentioned above, that is entrepreneurs and ruling layer of Nigeria, will be influential enough in the long run. The ruling party is more likely to listen to those young business men who pay taxes and that is why are of a great value to the country as well as fellow politicians and prominent figures of the state.

I hope my answer helps if I got your question right!

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