What Chuck Norris said about Orlando shooting and Democrats?

The Orlando Massacre shows new facts on the political arena of USA. Chuck Norris provides his own opinion on the Orlando shooting. He accuses the Democrats of lying and failing of the LGBT community.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is one of the famous martial art experts and also a Republican Party supporter. Needless, to inform readers that Iron Chuck is also a patriot of his country and political activist. For now, he blames Barack Obama and Democrats for not putting enough attention into an Islamic trace of the Orlando Massacre where the terrorist killed at least 50 people.  It`s the second largest tragedy for the USA since 911. Chuck Norris expresses his disappointment on government and especially Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama reaction to the massacre. He even accuses them in a deception of LGBT community.


Chuck Norris

According to Chuck Norris, his disappointment was caused by the President`s pushing of gun control agenda. Instead of blaming guns, Barak Obama should be more cautious of people that use these guns. Chuck Norris gives the opinion that even moderate Muslims do not tolerate gays and lesbians. The homosexual relationship is prohibited by Muslim religion and many modern Arabic countries do not allow gays to be alive. From Chuck Norris quotation, it`s clear that he means that any type of Islam forbids gays existence. In that case, Hillary Clinton cannot be a supporter of thousands Muslims coming to the States and homosexuals as one can`t coexist with another.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris in his claims tries to warn LGBT community that Democrats fails gays by providing more green cards for Muslims who does not desire to share the same country with homosexuals. Iron Chuck do not desire to understand how more guns regulations would effect on the terrorist attacks. As Chuck suggests, the reason of Orlando shooting lies not entirely on gun regulations which Democrats desire to change but with Muslim hate of homosexuals. That`s why, in his opinion, providing more green cards to Muslims by Democrats means failing LGBT community in the USA.

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