What countries has Buhari visited as a president?

People are wondering why the president travels all over the world. What affects his choices? All the facts and ideas are gathered here. Do you want to know why Buhari travels all the time?

buhari in china

A lot of Nigerian people ask why Muhammadu Buhari, the President, went to China as fast as he returned from his trip to the United States of America. While Buhari’s trip in winter Ayo Fayose, the Ekiti state governor, even told that the president often visited different conferences he didn’t understand.

Nevertheless, the authorities justified only the trips, they needed to get our country back on the path of developing and growth. Journalists’ exclusive results show that since his inauguration the president Buhari visited more than 22 countries, in some of them he was several times.

Muhammadu Buhari visited South Africa for attending African Union Summit, also G-7 meeting, French Climate Change Summit, UN General Assembly in the United States of America, GECF Summit in Iran, Commonwealth Summit in Malta and famous India-African Forum. Buhari spent one week in vacation in London, United Kingdom. It was in February, when Yemi Osinbajo, the vice president of Nigeria, was presiding over the problems of the country.

Buhari in Saudi Arabia

The list of countries Muhammadu Buhari visited is below:

1. In June 2015 Niger Republic

 2. In June 2015 Chad

3. In June 2015 Gera

4. In June 2015 and December 2015 South Africa

5. July, September 2015 and also March 2016 there was Buhari visit to USA

buhari in kaduna

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 6. In July 2015 Cameroon

7. In August, last December 2015 and January 2016 Benin Republic

8. In September 2015 and February 2016 France

9. In September 2015 Ghana

10. In October 2015 India

buhari travellings

11. In October 2015 Sudan

12. In November 2015 Iran

13. In November 2015 Malta

14. In January 2016 UAE

15. In January 2016 Kenya

16. In January 2016 Ethiopia

buhari visits country

17. In February 2016 United Kingdom

18. In February 2016 Egypt

19. In February 2016 Saudi Arabia

20. In February 2016 Qatar

21. Equatorial Guinea

22. Buhari in China

Buhari in Ghana

Nigerian president was in China and spend there about a week. When President Buhari returned to Nigeria, from that Chinese trip, he had already spent about 249 hours in air during all his travellings.

Femi Adesina, representative of Buhari to ascertain the reasons for president’s visit to China, said the travelling was aimed at providing greater support from Beijing for infrastructure development in Nigeria, such as roads, aviation, railways, power, water and shelter.

In fact, the infrastructure is always very important, but there are so many problems that require immediate intervention, that at first government needs to help its citizens. Buhari visits were an indication that the budget could not have been signed without problems and it was even possible that the president could have signed it outside the country. Lack of fuel is gradually weakening the pressure of the Abuja and Lagos, a few gas stations were dispensing the product. However, there are plenty of new problems, which are connected with Niger Delta Avengers.

Cameron and Buhari

The president always visits different countries in order to build reliable and profitable relationship. However, Nigerians are not glad that ‘Buhari in USA’, ‘Buhari in China’, but he rarely visits his own states of country. People are sad that president always thinks about the connections with the other leaders, but now about his people.


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