What countries were the last to grant women the right to vote? 

”Vote for Jackson! But not you, you're a woman!”, - Which countries lately have granted women the right to vote and which still don't? Read to find out. 

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Women's right to vote seems to be quite natural and obvious. But still, in some countries women are forbidden to vote while other nations have come to the expansion of women's right not so long ago. What are those countries and why they still support disparity, losing female voters during the elections? 

What countries were the last to grant women the right to vote? 

  •   Saudi Arabia: The women here didn't have a right to vote until 2015. What is more, they don't have almost any rights at all living on the juridical rights of minors. But in 2013 they finally got a right to ride a bike and to rest in the parks. Serious progress. In the list of 22 Arabic countries Saudi Arabia is in the 21st place according to its freedoms for females.

  •  Qatar: The first woman in Qatar went to the polls only in 2003. Due to the strict Islamic beliefs, women couldn't interrupt in the male business, which is the political aspect as well. But then the Qatar men took pity and let their wives and daughters to decide the fate of the state. Qatar even has one woman holding the office. Since 2010 she's the first female judge in the country. 

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  •  Bahrain: Women's right to vote has a long history in Bahrain. And not only the right to vote. Bahrain is still in top-50 countries, which have serious problems with women's fundamental freedoms. Despite it, first, female citizens were conceded to voting in 2002. And still, 30% of Bahrain women are suffering from domestic violence. It perfectly demonstrates that they still haven't the government they deserve. Even though they elect this government.

  •  South Africa: Thanks to a lot of emigrants in the 20s and 30s South Africa had started to become the most secular state. But the fight for women's right to vote lasted here about 60 years! One should note the interesting fact. One of the most passionate suffragists of South Africa was... Jewish. Deputy Berta Solomon played a significant role in the fight against gender disparity. Well, anyway first South African woman gave her vote on elections already in 1994. 

  •  Kuwait: 30 years ago they hadn't had even a right to vote. But in 2016 they are the most emancipated women in Near East. Kuwait women now may not only go to poll stations, but even to be elected. But patriarchal discrimination is still alive in their society and often Sharia court makes the biased and cruel verdicts for women. 

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  •  Palestina: Women's right to vote is granted by this country in 1996. What doesn't make the fate of Palestinian females happier? According to statistics, in Palestina, 75% of women are suffering from moral violence, 73% - from social violence, 34,8% - from physical abuse and 15% - from sexual assault. Each second woman is being abused in her family (by father or husband). The international organizations can't control the situation in those regions because of war conflict between Palestina and Israel. 

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What countries don't grant women the right to vote? 

  •  Brunei: Women don't have a lot of rights here. Just like the men. They are allowed to elect only the district councils. Last half of century all state affairs are controlled by Sultan Hasan al-Bolkiah. The government in Brunei consists of 29 deputies, who are elected by Sultan himself. There were few attempts to make him play by more democratical rules. Few thousands of citizens tried to turn against Sultan, but an uprising was suppressed. 

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  •  Lebanon: Technically, the women in Lebanon, may vote. But in fact, they have to show the certificate of primary education to be conceded to poll station. Moreover, the women here may choose if they want to vote. In the same time, the men are deprived of this choice and must give their vote to anyone. There are even three female ministers in Lebanon. But they don't have a significant influence at parliament as still, they are women. 

  •  Vatican: The worst nightmare of all conservative Catholic cardinals is the woman among them with a right to be a part of the control organ. Despite the fact that Vatican de facto exists in borders of Rome, the discrimination of women here is unyielding. But last years rumors has it that an inclusion of women in ecclesiastical “government” may be near at hand. It's the most severe topic for discussions in the lobbies of Vatican. But it's possible that one day they will tolerate women for ordination as Cardinal, and they will take a part in the election of Pope, spiritual “president” of all Сatholics. 

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