What did Aisha Buhari do after a man asked president for help?

A sad story of one ex-military man, who has to beg a president for food. How did Aisha Buhari react? Find out here!

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Few days ago, an old retired Nigerian Soldier, who served a President Buhari, appeared in news. He was a simple driver in Lagos in 1963. His story impressed the society. His name is Sani Adamu.  A man made a sad video message. He asked the President Buhari to come and help him, as he didn't have a possibility to fend for his family and himself.

The world was impressed with this video. Here you are the transcription of his message:

‘Let the peace be upon you. I am Sani Adamu. I greet the General, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, a person who shows a huge mercy to all poor and trustworthy people. Please, I beg you to remember us, your ex-servicemen. Help us, please, help us with the food. I complained previously but didn’t get a response. Any at all.

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I'm asking you to help your man from your pocket, but not from the government funds. In 1963 I lived together with you, president, in Lagos. We were living at the barracks. At that time you were my transport officer. Also I was that driver who served you, president, during the terrible Biafra civil war. And I was that driver who got pepper into his eyes. Then you stopped and asked whether everything was fine and if something happened to my car.

So my name is Sani Adamu. And I am a soldier, 1963 and ex-servicemen. Please, I beg you so much to help me. I have five children and two wives. I ask you, please, help me with food to eat, because my household is totally ruined.

I am asking you to help me, but only from your own pocket, but never from the government funds. Remember that. My address is…. Kindly beg you for help. I’m not against and I’m fine with that if any security agencies and even the media present when you come to help me. So you could be assured that I get any help you give.

Please help me, it doesn’t matter how little this help will be. There is a huge hunger in Maiduguri’.

Aisha is a wife of president Buhari. She is very famous due to her charity work. So she decided to help the ex-military man.

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Aisha Buhari sent about N50,000 and food to the ex-military man. She sent 30 bags of rice, 5 Vitafoams, Sheddas, 10 cartons of delicious Macaroni, 10 cartons of detergents, 15 pairs of different shoes, 20 cartons of fresh milk, 15 cartons of Gesha and plenty of others.

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The decision of Aisha was very nice and lots of people were pleased. But other people didn’t like that. They say that a huge part of Nigeria is very poor and have nothing to eat. Is government or Aisha going to help other Nigerian people? Who will give food to them?

It looks like some PR, because government knows perfectly about the situation in the country. Then why does it help only some people, who ask for it? Should all Nigerian people make some video messages? Of course, it’s good that president and his family help others. But this help is so small. And when all citizens of country need help, need food, should the government help only one person?

It’s always good when we help each other. So thanks to Aisha Buhari we believe, we can ask the government for help. And it will help us.

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When everyone helps another one – it’s a perfect beginning for a perfect country. Maybe life in Nigeria will change one day.

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