What does Charly Boy say on Buhari's "Change Begins with Me" campaign?

What did Charly Boy say about politics of Nigerian government for the last years and why he doesn’t see an exit from the problem? Why he considers a program ‘Change begins with me’ useless? Read the article to learn the latest information.

Charly Boy songs

Many Nigerians probably know Charly Boy songs. But recently he became known not only for his career, but also for criticism to President Buhari.

Most of Nigerians don't see sense in a new campaign 'Change begin with me' created by president Muhammadu Buhari. On Monday, September 12th, Charly Boy has published the open letter to Nigerian young people on his website, touching upon a subject of this company. According actor, he was tired of current state of Nigeria and complains on how the government operates the country. According to him, the campaign is just a way to put forward fault to masses.

'Do you remember changes, which they promised us? Now they say that we have to reach those changes, which we want to see, ourselves. Why we allow dishonest behavior of leaders? Even with the economy suffering crash. Our leaders are the largest African spendthrifts in London. In some shops, especially on Oxford Street, many Nigerians have turned rooms into their own Las Vegas. Nigeria reminds me the person who even at the age of 56 years is still silly and isn't able to be guided. 56 years of garbage and nonsense, though we want and hope to become the happiest people in the world. What can we show during the whole years of oil boom? Decayed high schools and useless universities where violence and cult undividedly dominate, where young girls sleeping with their lecturers? Hospitals, which remind me of sheds, and doctors who are hardly better than any uneducated person?

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Muhammadu Buhari

During Johnathan's government, more than $25 billion have been entered into the energy sector, but they have been stolen and have been transferred in the most part to their foreign accounts and private pockets. Why? Our leaders have failed because of egoism, religious fundamentalism, corruption, indiscipline, impunity and greed. While they have and enjoy generous life, millions of Nigerian citizens are deprived of their main requirements – water, light, food, health, education, and housing. The poor people remain obedient and afraid, expecting the benefit from heaven. Our leaders are so remote from people that they are similar to foreigners on the native earth. The letter on sins of our leaders already is a waste of time. They are in advantageous situation. We face disappointment, hopelessness and poverty.

Why we have given up? Where is our moral obligation of citizens of this country to consider leadership responsible? We choose thieves and animals contrary to strong seers. Remember my words. This difficulty won't leave in the nearest future. It is not only a mistake of leadership. We are guilty of inaction ourselves. Our leaders among us, we know them. But they have no ideas about the new world. A campaign 'Change begin with me' is the same that to say 'Charity begins at home'. The president forces us to create what we want to see'.

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