What does Fayose say about school feeding programme in Nigeria?

Mr. Ayodele Fayose desires not to support The School Feeding Programme made by All Progressives Congress. He is against of 40 per cent contribution to the Programme from the States. What will be the consequences of this decision?

School Feeding Programme

Mr. Ayodele Fayose claims that All Progressives Congress fraud people and did not fulfill political promises of providing The School Feeding Programme. For Ekiti State governor it was a new discovery that APC proposed 40 per cent counterpart funding from the Nigerian States. According to his claims, Federal Government by making this political statement proved that they failed. Mr. Fayose claims that States shouldn`t do any 40 per cent counterpart for three reasons.

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School Feeding Programme

  1. The School Feeding Programme was a child of All Progressives Congress, so they intended to implement and to raise funds for this programme. The reality is simple, they didn`t manage to succeed in fulfilling this political promise. Now, they seek help from the States but not in a polite way. They did not ask the States when they were making this promises. If they didn`t ask then they could do it on their own. And now APC is not able to do it – that`s a fraud.
  2. The States didn`t participate in this programme in the first time but now Federal Government may demand 40 per cent counterparts for raising funds for The School Feeding Programme without asking the States` opinion. That`s impolite way of making politics. Especially when the political promise was made by one but in fact the making promises real should be on the shoulders of others.
  3. Mr. Ayodele Fayose claims, that all States are part of Nigeria and they must work hard for the future of the country. Nevertheless, the States should face reality, according to the governor’s words, Ekiti can barely manage 10 per cent. The poverty level of the state is pretty high and Mr. Fayose complains that the State can barely pay workers.

Ayodele Fayose

From the words of Ekiti`s governor, it can be made few assumptions. The States can`t and shouldn't contribute to The School Feeding Programme made by APC. APC should seek other options to raise funds for their programme in another case it can be named as an inability of implementing political promises into reality.

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