What does Obama say about NDA and Boko Haram?

How many girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram group? How many of them have managed to be released? Read the information below to learn the latest news and know the USA reaction on it.

What does Obama say about NDA and Boko Haram

Boko Haram is an Islamist group operating in the North and the northeast of Nigeria. Its fighters also commit assaults in territories of neighboring countries – Niger, Cameroon and Chad. In March 2015, the group has sworn on fidelity to terrorist organization ‘Islamic state’.

Boko Haram Nigeria latest news

The death toll as a result of attack of fighters of Boko Haram on residents of village in the northeast of Nigeria has increased to 24 people. AFP has reported about it on Friday. Earlier it was reported about murder of 18 women participating in funeral procession in the village in state of Adamava. On Thursday evening, terrorists rushed into the settlement, began to set fire to houses, and opened chaotic fire at inhabitants. About this tragic incident, it was declared only on Friday. Eyewitnesses waited for about three hours, being afraid of repeated attack before they have counted the killed ones.

Boko Haram Nigeria latest news

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Boko Haram attacks already took place in this village in February 2016. Fighters disappear from Nigerian militaries in nearby forest area of Sambisa, where they have arranged secret camp.

Government troops of Nigeria have fought the majority of occupied territories off fighters, but terrorists still attack nearby areas. In April 2014, fighters have stolen 276 girls from lyceum of the city of Chibouk. Later 57 of them were succeeded to run away, the others continue to remain in hands of the fighters disappearing in Sambisa wood.

Boko Haram attacks

How did USA react on Niger delta avengers bombing and Boko Haram attacks?

Having killed more than two tens soldiers in Niger at the end of the first week of June, the African terrorist group has declared that it has made this attack on behalf of ISIL of the Western Africa. This statement demonstrates that they recognized the support of Syrian extremist formation of ISIL. However, officials of the USA declared that they don't have proofs demonstrating that Boko Haram received expeditious fighting providing or financing from Islamic state within a year after official announcement of the support of IS. In Africa, American military activity is substantially concentrated on Libya, where there is the largest part of Islamic state outside the Middle East and where the United States carries out air bombing. According to the American officials, now similar actions concerning Boko Haram aren't considered.

Niger delta avengers bombing

'If there is no powerful evidence of communication between ISIL and Boko Haram, then there are no bases for implementation of the USA of any actions on the territory of Western Africa, except of the help and training. It is fight of people of Africa, and we can give them support, but these are their personal problems' – one of American officials has told. Recently Obama speech, in which the president has expressed his opinion in this respect, took place. In public statement, Barack Obama has reported that he attentively monitors activity of Boko Haram regarding increase of threat to population and waits for any confirmation of messages of mass media on strengthening of ties of group with ISIL. According to explanations of Obama’s administration, in the text of the law, the Islamic state means as receiver of Al-Qaeda of Osama bin Laden and Boko Haram doesn't correspond to these criteria. The American officials recognized that the US intelligence has no enough data on internal structure and management of Boko Haram.

Obama speech

At the same time, the USA rather carefully trace activity of the management of ISIL, their financial operations, cooperation with other groups, such as with division of ISIL in Libya, to which ISIL provides fighters, the ordering structure and other support. Many officials declare that they didn't face any proofs of implementation by Syrian and Iraqi Islamic leaders of ISIL of deliveries of money, weapon or high-ranking shots to Nigeria. In the absence of these certificates president Barack Obama decides how Washington and its allies should give support to Nigeria and to its neighbors. Some congressmen claim that support of the USA in this region has strongly expressed confidential focus. Besides a mention of developed situation in Nigeria, Obama has also mentioned need of fight against Niger Delta Avengers, which in May attacked the American oil platform of the Chevron Company. So today, besides Niger Delta Avengers Biafra attacks, people suffer from numerous attacks of Boko Haram. The president has expressed huge condolences to families of victims of this terrorist organization.

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