What happened between Dino Malaye and Ahmed Tinubu?

Two senators got famous for a tremendous conflict last week. What led Dino Melaye and Oluremi Tinubu to having a conflict and then public clarification on the matter? Keep reading to learn more.

Dino MelayeDino Malaye is known to be an ambitious politician and quite a controversial personality. He freely expresses his desires to become a President of Nigerian Republic one day and is not afraid to say that out loud. However, after the last conflict with him in the Senate, specialists have doubts that he will be able to make it to the top of the political ladder in Nigeria.

The news about the conflict between two senators, Dino Malaye and the wife of Ahmed Tinubu, Oluremi, went viral on the Internet as well as local newspapers. The battle became quite personal, and both sides deny their fault in the massive shouting match.

To understand what really happened, local authorities asked Dino Malaye to explain and describe the situation in greater details. According to what he has said, he was giving a presentation on the forgery case that allegedly took place in court.

He was talking to all the present senators asking them to withdraw their names from the list of people that claimed that the forgery actually did take place. As Senator Dino Malaye states he meant no wrong, he did not name any names or did not try to insult certain people.

Dino Malaye

He spoke as a Christian, a father and a representative of people of his State. Dino Malaye claims that he did not use swearing or any other ways to insult anyone as it contradicts his personal beliefs.

In his clarification speech, he also mentioned that he was never known to be a coward. Therefore, he is not trying to hide the truth. Whatever he said anywhere, he can easily repeat to anyone else.

So, Dino Malaye stated that in his presentation he did not mention any specific names; he was generally referring to all the senators mentioning that in case they do not withdraw their names they will be penalized for that. He proves this saying that if he had insulted anyone with his words, people would have been very quick to start arguing with him. The senators would not leave it alone if Dino Malaye were aggressive or disrespectful to them.

Therefore, he did not understand why Oluremi Tinubu stood up at the end and started yelling at him for being intolerant and aggressive. She said that he insulted her and was going to insult more. According to Dino Malaye’s words, he remained silent and did not react to her words at that point.

Ahmed Tinubu

The wife of Senator Ahmed Tinubu was quick to speak and was addressing Dino Malaye’s presentation as a harassment attempt. She kept on shouting encouraging the other senators to support her. Her main point was that Dino Malaye is a potential thug, and he has to be stopped until he did some serious damage to the nation.

Wife of Senator Ahmed Tinubu also called Dino Malaye a dog after what the latter raised and said that Oluremi Tinubu is extremely stupid and should stop shouting. As Dino Malaye states no senators really got up to support Oluremi, but she kept on screaming.

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In the course of the conflict, the matter of impeachment of the current President Buhari was raised. As Dino Malaye himself states no one was going to discuss that issue, but somehow the question was raised.

One of the Senators gave a report to one of the Nigerian national newspaper where he gave a very insulting characteristic to the Senator Dino Malaye. In response, Dino Malaye said that this Senator has no even attended the Chamber for the last few months. Therefore, the conflict between Dino Malaye and the wife of Ahmed Tinubu raised a wave of disputes between senators of different states that were not in the place before.

Ahmed Tinubu senator

Dino Malaye mentioned that he would continue supporting Saraki as his brother and a person with similar beliefs as his own. Later he went on talking about the accusations he was addressed with after the conflict. People started talking that he is too ambitious.

As he stated in his clarification, he really is ambitious and sees no fault in being so. It is ambitions that made Buhari a president after so many attempts to become a president and it is thanks to ambitions that Saraki got to be a President of the Senate.

The political situation in Nigeria is quite bad as there are numerous conflicts, blackmail and bribery cases as well as unhealthy competition between the members. Politicians forget that they have a common goal to protect their nation and strive to achieve better living standards for them. On the contrary, they strive to attract more attention and popularity among their people by making other politicians look bad.

Ahmed Tinubu stated that his beloved wife and he himself are waiting for an official apology from Dino Malaye. They believe that his actions were not tolerable and are not going to make their peace with them. Ahmed Tinubu also mentioned to the press that this conflict might put an end to the political career of Dino Malaye.

Ahmed Tinubu wife

In response, Dino Malaye being a Christian reminded a couple that it is not in their authority to determine when his career will come to an end. It is absolutely God’s decisions and not theirs.

The other rumors also stated that Dino Malaye said that he would impregnate wife of Senator Ahmed Tinubu. However, as an attempt to defend himself, Dino Malaye noted that the woman is most likely to be in the period of her menopause, which makes it impossible to make her pregnant and even explains a lot about her behavior.

Finally, Dino Malaye marked that he said what he said only as an attempt to protect himself from the attack by the aggressive Ahmed Tinubu’s wife as well as other senators. He does not regret a word from what he said and would probably do the same if the situation occurred again.

As you see, the conflict has still not been solved. Both parties are waiting for an apology. The future relationship between the two senators, Dino Malaye and Ahmed Tinubu, is not clear yet.

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