What is a new Boko Haram tactic?

What is the latest Boko Haram news? What new tactic do they use to get to villages? Read the article to learn more hot information about terroristic group.

 Boko Haram tactics

Boko Haram tactics

Boko Haram news: Loss of territory and death of the leader hasn't rallied fighters of Nigerian Boko Haram. Islamists, who fight with government troops, have begun to be at war with each other.

According to messages from province Borno, in which operation of Nigerian army on final defeat of the terrorist organization continues, Boko Haram has broken up into two conflicting groups. There are fights between supporters of new leader Near Monguno, Musab Al-Barnavi, and fighters, faithful to the last leader, Abubakar Shekau. As a result of collisions, which have happened on Thursday and Friday, about ten fighters died. It is known also of riots and executions, which supporters of Barnavi considered as protégé of ISIL created in three villages near Monguno. The exact number of the victims among civilians during murders and robberies, which terrorists have proved as deviation of three settlements from true jihad, isn't known. The army of Nigeria reports that in some areas fighters of Boko Haram have laid arms down and began to be given in captivity — it is known of 18 given-up fighters. All of them didn't recognize the power of Barnavi and have preferred to leave to government troops than to die because of former colleagues.

As it was reported before, split among Islamists was outlined still a month ago. At the beginning of August, Islamic State has declared change of leader of Boko Haram. On August 4 the leader of fighters, Abubakar Shekau has disproved the message and called rumors about the resignation intrigues of enemies of Islam. Nigerian military have begun large-scale approach to positions of Boko Haram in Borno province. The commander of operation of Lucky Irabor has declared final destruction of group within two weeks. On the 2nd of September, the Air Force of Nigeria has destroyed hospital, in which there were wounded fighters of group, including Abubakar Shekau. According to unconfirmed information, the commander of terrorists is killed. The fighters who have lost the leader, continue to lose people in collisions with government troops, and now among themselves. Besides, they lose territories and control over residents of province the army managed to promote far in Borno's depth, the settlers running from Boko Haram many years ago already come back to the province.

Nigeria Boko Haram bomb tactic

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Nigeria Boko Haram bomb tactic

Recently Nigerian army has found new tactics, which insurgents of Boko Haram use to enter the inhabited areas. Insurgents mask as mad people to enter the settlement. In the statement, it was said: 'Boko Haram mask as mad men or women to get access to some locations especially in Maiduguri. Therefore, everyone have to be afraid very much of any unstable mad men or women. Tell us if you have seen similar.

The army also declared about murder of the suicide bomber in the field of Dikwa, Borno State on Sunday in several hours before Sallah celebrations have begun. Two persons have been wounded in premature explosion, which has happened during the incident. The vigilant sentry has made the remark to suspicious girl. She began to claim that she has arrived from Monguno to see her parents in Dikwa. Troops, having noticed something suspicious, have begun to shoot at her. The girl has exploded. 'The injured soldiers and citizens have been taken to hospital. This incident has shown that there are several terrorists of Boko Haram who are full of determination to execute crimes to create panic and unreliability in some areas.

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