What is ISIS?

Wonder what ISIS stands for? Find out that now and get the facts and figures on this mysterious organization.

ISIS stands for Islamic State. This organization is a group of terrorists spreading jihad and Islamic teachings all over the world. They call themselves Caliphate and treat over any political formation or country borders to gain control over land, assets and people’s minds.  

What is ISIS

ISIS background

Now, where does ISIS name come from? What is the meaning of ISIS? Of course, it resembles the name of an ancient Egypt goddess called ISIS. However, it seems to be unrelated to that. The group is also called IS or ISI or Islamic State. The abbreviation ISIS comes from Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

What is ISISIt appears that the creation of this terrorist group dates back to the early 2000. Actually at first the group had a very different and hard to pronounce name (Jama’at al’Tawhid wa-al-Jihad) and was founded back in 1993. It is one of the offerings of al Qaeda. There are many names or leaders attached to the organization. The one that is viewed as its leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

However, most of such names are plainly fake ones. They have been acquired for military and terrorism purposes. The interesting fact is that mass media has proclaimed some of them dead for several times and yet over and over again they turn out to be alive.

What is ISIS 1Certain people died or were killed as much as three times. For instance there is this guy named Zarqawi. He was reported dead in 2003, then arrested a year later; dead again in 2005 and killed once more a year later. So, the truth is most of the information we get on these people can hardly be counted as reliable.

For a long while ISIS remained unknown to the majority population of the world. However, in 2011 it’s got its chance to get famous. That is the year when Syria involved into civil war and ISIS played its solo there.

What is ISIS 2Three years later in 2013 ISIS leader proclaimed the creation of Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham, adding part of Syrian territories to its dominion in Iraq.

This was another milestone in the organization’s history. A year later this State evolved into “Worldwide Caliphate”.

So, what is ISIS now? It is something that aims to get more influence and more territories under its authority. The question is who is really behind it. 

ISIS state

The interesting fact is that Islamic state border cuts the border between Iraq and Syria creating a third and menacing state and power on their land. Initially if you would have taken all the territories of these two countries, then ISIS control spread on about 1/5 of their land. It stretched its black wings from the western part of Syria and all the way to Baghdad in Iraq.

What is ISIS 3Presently ISIS already controls up to 50 percent of the Syrian territory. Over the last months it has almost doubled the amount of land under its control. Interestingly enough, all this happens regardless of the attempts of USA and other countries of the world to stop the aggression.

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Interesting facts on ISIS

  • In Syria it has been able to acquire control over the most part of oil network. Now it sells Syrian oil to support and finance its operations.
  • The war in Syria and IS activities there led to making people leave their homeland. The number of IDP refugees amounted to 4 million people.
  • Almost half of the refugees fled to Turkey.
  • Over 30 thousand foreign fighters were found in Syria fighting ISIS. The largest part of them comes from Tunisia.
  • The most active party in carrying out airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria (no surprise) is USA (over 2000 strikes).

 ISIS and Internet

What is ISIS 4At times it seems like ISIS has been branded by someone. The initial cranky name was changed for a catchy and easily recognizable one. As the world has gone crazy about the social networks, this terrorist group did not lagger behind.

There is the ISIS website of course, where they post the videos of beheading and other horrors. Plus, it is using Twitter to communicate with its followers around the globe and to gain new ones. Twitter stats for 2015 indicate that this group has created over 45 thousand accounts on this social network. What is more, daily its followers exchange 200+ thousand tweets.

What is ISIS 5The organization skillfully uses specific hashtags to get its job done and to promote itself through social media. What is more recently it has even created a social media of its own. It is called Khelafabook. The site is going to be a multi-language one. It would operate in at least 7 foreign languages and the Arabic.

As you see, this organization is being professionally and skillfully promoted and branded. It is no amateur work. So, there is another reason to wonder who stands behind ISIS and what is the true meaning of ISIS?

What is ISIS armament and where do they get their armo?

What is ISIS 6The organization claims to have over 40 tanks in its possession. Plus, they have the guns, missiles, stingers and even low grade nuclear stuff. They have the Humvees, but their special love is for Toyota trucks. They just love them. These trucks have become their “trade mark”.

Interesting enough, many of these cars come from USA. They were brought as “humanitarian aid” to Syria and somehow they ended up being used by ISIS.

Where does ISIS get the money from?

Here is a list of “official” sources of income of this organization. The money comes from:

  • Looting
  • Bank robbing (over 400 million dollars from Mosul Bank alone!)
  • Oil sale (around 2 million dollars per day)
  • Ransom money from other countries

What is ISIS 7Is that it?  ISIS is considered to be one of the richest terrorist organization. Could there possibly be other “hidden” financing sources? There is no “proof” of it and all we can rely on is gossip and guessing, but here are some ideas to consider:

  • Libya supplies and armo
  • Kuwait private sponsors
  • CIA partners and Washington

Who stands behind ISIS

They get trained by military experts from USA, Europe and UK. Lots of the top fighters of ISIS have been trained by CIA.

Possible parties:

  • What is ISIS 8USA
  • Saudi Arabia
  • NATO
  • Qatar
  • Turkey

In some cases, we are not talking about the countries, but rather of influential and rich people or families that support ISIS and its ideas. Islamic beliefs or Islamic branch is closely related to that of Saudi Arabia. However, the ruling house and the country in general would oppose this group. Still this country has many people able to make huge donations into ISIS.

Now, Turkey has its own interest in the matter. The motives behind their support are not so much about religion. Of course, the large part of Turkey population is Muslim. However, they interest is in keeping other countries around them fight to maintain its leading position in the region. Turkey has been already caught on financing terrorists in Syria.

ISIS plans

What is ISIS 9Supposedly, ISIS aims at spreading the borders of its dominion. One huge part of its ambition is Africa. That is where its interests fall in line with Boko Haram of Nigeria (we will talk of it later and in more detail). The northern and eastern part of Africa is its ambition. Then they wish to spread it into the Asia all the way to Russian and Chinese borders. It may get even include Caucuses, parts of Eastern Europe and even Spain.

These plans are gotten from a map they laid out. All the mentioned countries and regions on it are marked with black and their names are changed. Such are the aspirations of ISIS and their Islamic State borders. What is more, these plans are not for the next 50 years, but rather for the next 5 years!

What is ISIS 9However, there is a great deal of doubt whether this map and the plans are true. It very well could be a fake. Yes, the map has been on all the major TV news and stuff. It is placed there to make people simply hate the ISIS and be afraid of it.

Still, such “news” may have other goals besides just keeping you informed. The idea is to create the big and scary monster and blame everything on it to hide some of the other operations and plans. 

ISIS methods

What is ISIS 10Terror is the main weapon in ISIS’ arsenal. They execute people, film the process and spread the videos online and through other sources. They terrorize the land under their control as well as other countries. At the same time, it seems like their war tactics are very sophisticated. It’s not just a group of rebels or extreme Islam fanatics with guns in hands.

A while ago USA had to own up training some of the top war leaders in its CIA camps. They said: Oops, we’ve made a mistake by supporting the wrong people. Is it the first one? Now these trained killers and war leaders got a wide field of implementation for their skills. So, the question: who is behind ISIS is a good one. Could it be that US has created another Islamic monster for its purposes?

Book Haram and ISIS

Book Haram and ISISAs you surely know few months ago Boko Haram has announced bad news for Nigeria. This terrorist organization decided to join its forces with ISIS. It seems like they have many things in common. ISIS plans on furthering its influence in Africa and Boko Haram could give them this chance to step in.

And Boko Haram obviously needs support. It seems like they have been pressed out of some of the regions of the country. So, this alliance is beneficial for both sides. Of course, you know that after the latest president elections the activity of Boko Haram has intensified. It might also mean that their alliance with the rich and famous ISIS starts bearing its fruits. And Nigerian terrorists are not alone in their desire to join this power. Al-Shabaab from Somali has also recently announced its desire to join ISIS.

Irrespective of who stands behind ISIS we can boldly proclaim what is ISIS: it is the terrorist organization that keeps on spreading its dominion throughout the countries. What is more, it gains in popularity with people and starts dominating their minds turning them into its blind and fanatic weapons. Indeed people are the most dangerous weapons if IS and the only way this fight could be won is by educating minds and hearts people regardless of all religions or backgrounds. 

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Acts of terrorism is getting more carefully organized and violent, using most modern equipment, weapons, means of communication. Never, no one thinks, this misfortune does not concern him and affect. Trouble can come into any home, regardless of nationality or religion. I am against terrorism! I am against incitement of ethnic hostility and civil war, against invasion of sovereign states, overthrow of democratic regime, killing of innocent people! I wish, we could all live in peace on our planet.

Answered 2 years ago.

I heard about the organization ISIS know that this is one of the largest terrorist organizations employing many countries. There are many versions of who was behind the IP. But who knows which one is true. No matter what kind of organization and who is behind it, it brings misfortune and shed much blood. If these people defended their interests or protect their land, this is understandable. But when their aim is the conquest of other states, territories, then this organization has no right to exist. And those States that fund these organizations need to think a little. Once and they will want to win.

Answered 2 years ago.

Scary & sad to look atit ... fighting among themselves policy & suffer thesimple, peaceful peoplle ... Donot know when it's all stop? So somuch hatred, so much hatred for each otther ... Allthough, the common people donot and !!! Wherever u look, evrywhere the war, misundderstanding, people donot want to putup all thehatred. Itis a terrible picture. In allmost every country which - the demonsstrations, riots ... Where roll our world? The childrren suffer, it's just kids! They have ever seen, & see hostility everywhere ... People, let's change! Let's live in peace!

Answered 2 years ago.

International terrorism has gone too far. To liquidate it of course is not easy, but to fight against him of course worth it. In addition to eliminating militant groups of terrorists, it is necessary to solve the problems with organizers of terror. Those power groups who sponsor killers. Sorry, but we have to admit the fact that currently sponsor terrorism are also involved in and influential politicians. The problem of terrorism is the problem, which is a consequence of many reasons, but the main reason is poverty.

Answered 2 years ago.

You know, that in Ukraine on Donbass, in such cities as Lugansk and Donetsk - is such militarians - civil guardsmen. These peoples dare to offend, shoot at people. Can free-of-charge take any things in shop or a supermarket, threatening with murder or execution. It is a lot of such bandits, and people which, are intimidated, cannot answer anything to them or somewhere complain. Because in these cities reigns chaos and the ministry of these cities only and does, that steals, we kill and we humiliate people.

Answered 2 years ago.

ISIS repeatedly heard about but did not know what it means. I believe that it is no use to anyone and although these people bombers prepared mentally to death, but no one wants to die. Each person has a sense and thirst for life. In most cases, these people no going back. Syrians today fiercest fighters. They kill and sparing children and women. It's very scary. Most attacks organized Syrian mercenaries. Rob and kill to fund their organization. Yes and it can not be wrong! All people want to live peacefully and not be afraid.

Answered 2 years ago.
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