What is propaganda?

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Propaganda is the organized and purposeful dissemination of ideas, opinions, statements, symbols, and rumors through the media and other channels of public communication.

Distinguish P., waged by the state, political, public, religious and commercial organizations. Commercial VP appears in the form of advertising of goods and services PR and events, forming a positive image of the company and its proposed products.

P. the phenomenon lies in the fact that one group of people seeks to impose their views, beliefs, cultural symbols, rules of behaviour and moral values.

Active and direct P. call campaign. Distinguish the concept of "counter-propaganda" - to refer to the opposing ideological events, a counter n. In the Arsenal of counter-propaganda could "leak" of compromising, special distribution of various rumors, other techniques and methods.

The main guns any of P. in the modern world are the media, especially television. Some of the types of P. in civilized countries imposed legal restrictions and prohibitions, eg., P. alcohol, Smoking, drugs, prostitution, chauvinism, etc.

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