What is the Bukola Saraki latest news on CCT trial?

What is the situation in Nigerian Senate with its president Bukola Saraki? Has he brought in the foreign lawyers to protect him on trial?

Over the last year Nigeria and Nigerians had many scandals, money issues and corruption cases to discuss. And Bukola Saraki president of the senate in Nigeria was one of the people to give us a cause to talk. Four months ago the Supreme Court has stopped the Code of Conduct Tribunal against this Nigerian prominent politician. However, President Buhari keeps on sticking to his anti corruption policy and investigation has moved on. So, what is Bukola Saraki latest news?


Who is Bukola Saraki? - Brief Saraki biography

He was born back in 1962 and his full name is Olubukola Abubakar Saraki. His father was a senator Olusola Saraki and he took the position in power from 1979 to 1983. Bukola Saraki started his education in Lagos, by attending King’s College. Later on he went to UK to finish up the education and got his degree from London Hospital Medical College of the University of London.

His political major career started back in 2000, when Olesung Obasanjo made him a special President assistant. He took the position of Senate President in 2015.

cct trial bukola saraki

On March 18 of 2016 the CCT trial was renewed on the case of Bukola Saraki and corruption in Nigeria. It seems like the Senate president failed to declare all his assets. Bukola Saraki has a family: a wife and four children.

buhari nigeria saraki

Bukola Saraki assets

Many sources indicate that Saraki possesses a massive fleet of expensive cars. Some of the Saraki cars are Mercedes vehicles worth millions and millions of naira. One of the most expensive cars in his fleet seems to be bullet proof Mercedes G500 worth over 45 million naira. And the lest expensive car costs around 2 million naira.

bukola saraki cars

Moreover, he has got many properties and buildings. Some of them are worth around 60 million naira, while the cost of others rises to over N500 million.  Due to the CCT trial many people call on the Senate President to resign.

Bukola Saraki news – foreign lawyers and refusal to resign

Presently Bukola Saraki resignation is not a reality, yet. He refuses to resign and declares that all the trouble with the trial is brewed up and aimed by other politicians to ruin his career and take his position.

bukola saraki resignation

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Seems like Mr. Saraki feels a need for highly qualified help of lawyers. Reportedly he has brought in some of them to Nigeria from other countries to protect him during the trial. Follow the news and see what happens next.

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Very interesting article, I was always very fond of various investigations and sosobenno when it comes to politicians and important people, it becomes twice as interesting. If it was so, so he still has a lot skrytyhtay about which no one knows or even suspects. If the judge, then you have something, and I have no doubt that a great deal still ignore. Maybe someone then this article will be an example, someone is not at all interesting, but I have no doubt that his people is sure to impress. Thanks for the article, I will now follow the news, wondering how events will turn on.

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