What is the process of getting driver’s license in Nigeria?

The news of an updated Nigerian driver’s license that can be even used abroad has gone viral. So people wonder how they can obtain a driving license now. Let’s see how this process works – and maybe you will get one too?

drivers license nigeria

Driver’s license is a great privilege for you! You can now travel without being constantly dependent on the public transportation schedule or any other inconveniences that user of this kind of transport face.

Moreover, according to the new law, Nigerian updated version of a driver’s license is considered to be valid in a number of countries in Europe as well as 3 American States. Pretty exciting, don’t you think?

What countries consider it valid? Well, the list of the countries includes Sweden, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.  And if talking about the American States that allow driving with Nigerian driver’s license, they are Maryland, Washington DC and California.

nigerian drivers license

This law works for those driver’s licenses that will prove to be genuine and valid in Nigeria as well. Trusted sources mentioned that there is a possibility that other states will also start accepting Nigerian license. New driver’s licenses would be added into a special data-base, so that authorities of the above0mentioned countries would have access to it in case they want to check its validity.

Moreover, this license will have special features that will prevent copying or faking genuine driver’s licenses.

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obtain nigerian drivers license

So what is the procedure of obtaining this license?

First, you will have to enter driving training at a trusted driving school. Make sure to enter an official one in order to later get accredited. Nigerian authorities have published a list of such driving schools, so you can find them online.

After this training you will be asked to pass a driving test with a special Vehicle Inspection Officer. Then in case of a successful test results, your officer will give a certificate of proficiency. You should take it and go to the Drivers’ License Center.

It is then that you fill out an application form and give it to the person in charge. Later you will have to pay N6,000 at the local bank and request a special receipt from them.

get nigerian drivers license

With the application form and bank statement you should go to the Board of Internal Revenue at the Drivers’ License Center. The next step would be leaving your biometric data for the driver’s license.

The approximate time needed to obtain the license is 60 days. Meanwhile, you will be offered a temp license which you can later exchange for a permanent one.

As you see the process is pretty simple. So go for it and do not waste an opportunity of travelling without problems being your own boss while on the way to experience cultures and countries you have never been before!

The list for now includes less than ten European countries; however, note that authorities do their best to increase this list both in Europe and Americas. That is the reason they add special features to the license to make it hard to fake it or steal and use as well as create a special data-base for European countries to have access to initial data on all the driver’s license holders and their personal information.


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