What is the reason of a massive Oyo students protest?

People are wondering why there are always some protests and strikes in the country. What happened this time? What do the students want? You’ll find all the answers in this article.

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On Monday plenty of secondary schools students in Oyo State (Ibadan) protested the new decision of the authorities. The authorities decided that now a private management will operate a couple of the state schools.

The students went outside at about 9 am, singing anti-government songs. They were daring policemen, they wanted to attack them. It was reported in the Punch.

They attacked and then vandalized the state headquarters. They are ones of the ruling All Progressives Congress in Oke Ado. Employees at the secretariat also felt the anger of the students.

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Plenty of these pupils were from Queen of Apostles Grammar School, Ikolaba Grammar School,   also St. Clegg Girls’ High School, Ratibi College, St. Patrick Grammar School, Oluyoro Oke-Ofa, Oluyoro Girls’ Grammar School, Basorun, Oluyoro Oke-Ofa, Christ the King School and famous IMG Grammar School, Agodi.

The students marched to the state building (secretariat), which is in Agodi. They asked the governor to resign right now. Security service had already closed all gates, which led to the office of governor. The police was also trying to prevent the student enter the government complex.

The protesters told about another problem too. Their parents and teachers didn’t receive their salaries for a couple of months because of the same state authorities.

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The protests escalated much after hoodlums hijacked it and also unleashed a huge terror on the whole public. They also insured the students to attack a couple of government vehicles and some public buildings.

As it was reported, hundreds of the students had weapons such as, for example, double-edged axes, stones and cutlasses. They wanted to invade other schools, which did not want to take part in that protests. They wanted to force their students to go out on the street and join them.

Oyebade, who is the state Police Commissioner, told the students to go home and let the government and other relevant agencies solve this matter.

He told: ‘You shouldn’t take laws into own your hands, especially if the case is being addressed by the local authorities. So I advise you to go back to your schools and continue your studie'.

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Meanwhile, the state servants have also opposed the plan of the authorities. They said it would lead to the huge commercialization of public education. Though the authorities insured that there was no plan to sell 31 schools.

As the Punch said, Labour unions are planning an indefinite strike, which is aimed at forcing the government to reverse this decision. The authorities accused these labour unions of engaging students to these terrible protests. The State communication leaders said that the crazy idea of the Nigeria Labour Congress to begin an indefinite protest over this case was uncalled for and unlawful.

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The problem isn’t solved yet. How will the government behave? Will the students leave the streets?  The situation is changing rapidly. The government must listen to the requests and ideas of people.

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