What Is the Reason of EgyptAir Flight 804 Crash? Was It a Hijack?

What caused the crash of EgyptAir Flight 804? Specialists still offer a number of reasons. Let’s look into them.


News about a crash of EgyptAir Fligth 804 went viral. However, a lot of questions are still left with no answer. It has already been twenty days since the tragedy and no verdict has been announced.

So let’s track what happened on that day. Flight 804 was heading back to Cairo from Paris where it got on May 18 at 7:55 pm. An hour later the plane started its way toward Cairo where it was supposed to land around 1:30 am on May 19.

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The airplane entered Egyptian airspace and was soon going to land. However, specialists state that at 12:45 am airport lost contact with the plane. There were 66 people total on board; among them were citizens of Egypt (30), France (15), as well as Iraq, Great Britain, Canada, Kuwait, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Chad.

It was no longer seen on radar. As Greek authorities claim, the aircraft lost at least 22,000 feet of altitude when it entered Egyptian airspace. No one knows what happened later; yet rescue team has a few theories.

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The first question the specialists asked about the tragedy was whether it all happened because of the terrorism. The documents of passengers showed that none of them was ever mentioned on any blacklist connected to the terrorism.

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 Another version is that pilots lost control over the aircraft. Conversely, their working experience shows that it was very unlikely. Pilot of EgyptAir Fligth 804 had at least 6,200 flying hours of experience, while his co-pilot had 2,700.

The other probability was technical malfunction. Any internal malfunction of the airbus could be the reason of this tragedy. On the other hand, the rescue teams say that since it has already been the 5th flight of this very aircraft within the last 24 hours, it was examined at least three airports leaving no chance for any technical malfunction.

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Specialists still hope to determine the cause of the crash from the speed at which the airbus lost altitude. As they explain, in case engine breakdown was the reason of the downing, it would be losing altitude very slowly. On the contrary, in case depressurization took place this loss would way more sharp.

They also add that if there was an explosion onboard, the aircraft would lose its altitude very rapidly. However, this question was answered yet.

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Other sources mention that there was smoke onboard not too long before the airplane disappeared from the radar. The source of this smoke was not identified as well as its reason.

The Egyptian forces announced that they sent a submarine into the Mediterranean aiming to find the black box. However, they express their strong concerns that this might not work as a submarine of this kind can reach the depth of 9,800 feet while the location of a black box is not known. In case it is deeper, the submarine won’t be able to reach it.

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While still on the topic, it is unlikely that specialists would be able to read data from the black box after they get it. After staying under water for so long, it might lose significant pieces of information.

Meanwhile, French airport stated that they are not going to intensify control over its passengers and their background. They claim they had checks at times but they are very rare. It is believed to be a budget problem.

The statistics showed that the airbus that got into this accident was considered to be the safest one by most of the airlines.

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