What is the situation with gender equality bill in Nigeria? – Has Bukola Saraki surrendered?

Why have they voted down gender equality bill in Nigeria? What did Bukola Saraki say about it? Learn now.

Gender equality is a big issue around the globe. Many countries are still struggling with women empowerment and gender issues. Recently Nigeria has faced this problem too, as the gender equality bill was discussed and voted in National Assembly. What is the situation now?

The bill of gender equality in Nigeria

What is gender equality?

This idea is also called sex equality or equality of genders. It tackles the idea of discrimination of some human beings based on their gender. It also means that in most cases those human beings are women and they are poorly treated compared to men. Gender equality bill promotes equal rights and opportunities for all people in Nigeria.

The bill of gender equality

One of the major things it deals with is the right to education. In some cases, Nigerian families do not provide equal education opportunities to their male and female kids. Till this day debate topic: “which child is better – girl or boy” is rather popular in Nigeria and gender equality is to deal away with it.

 gender equality

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Gender equality bill and Bukola Saraki

On March 17, 2016 gender equality bill was voted down in Nigeria. One of the main excuses for such an action was the religion and breaking of its beliefs. Nigeria is half Christian and half Islam country. Unfortunately, people feel that gender inequality is a part of their beliefs and changing it would break their culture and religion.

The bill of gender equality in Nigeria

Nonetheless, Bukola Saraki (Senate president) indicated that the women empowerment bill could be brought back for voting. Some of its parts are totally unacceptable to certain senators. If it would get tuned up, it still might pass the voting in the future.

Bukola Saraki gender equality bill

However, recent events with Bukola Saraki may be of more importance to him than other things. Recently the senate president was accused of corruption. March 24, 2106 would be the date when the court makes its decision on the case. So, we are expecting the news on that situation.

Why is empowerment of women so important?

The truth is that gender and development are tightly interrelated. Most developed countries of the world have been practicing gender equality for many decades. It is not for nothing that they prosper and experience boost in economic growth. Even providing girls with little extra education (called the Girl effect) changes the nation, economy, reduces death rate among children under 5 years of age and produces many other vital benefits for the entire nation.  

 gender equality 2016

When women get a chance to support themselves, the economy growth, as it gets more talented and educated labor force. When women make more money and get to spend more money, they spend it on children and family wellbeing. Gender equality can give a significant boost to suffering and struggling Nigerian economy and help to cope with poverty and other social problems in the land.

Now you see when gender equality bill is so important for Nigeria. Hopefully, they will be able to voted it up the next time. 

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