What should we know about equatorial Guinea leader?

What do you know about equatorial Guinea leader? How did he become a president? How long will he rule?

Equatorial Guinea Leader

Equatorial Guinea poses the president who has been in power for more than thirty years. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is supposed to be one of the most lost lasting leaders for the 21st century in the world. He became a leader of Equatorial Guinea in 1979 when he managed to replace his uncle, who was the first president after the independence of the country, in a military coup. Teodoro is the longest stayed president on Africa continent. He has been a ruler of Equatorial Guinea for the last thirty-six years. He also poses some interesting fact in his biography, where some of them will be revealed in the article.

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Early Life

Early Life

Teodoro was born in 1942 in Wele-Nzas Province which is situated in Eastern Equatorial Guinea. He was baptized in 1958 into the Catholic faith.  He was managed to take a course of the national Guard as a cadet and a few months later, he successfully entered to the Zaragoza General Military Academia. He started his teaching career at his Alma Mater. During his uncle presidency, the first President of Equatorial Guinea helped him to gain the lieutenant rank. After the proclamation of the independence, Teodoro was actively involved in the politics. He was managed to handle several high posts after first years of Equatorial Guinea independence.

Obtaining the power

Obtaining the power

Unfortunately, the first president of Equatorial Guinea was a cruel dictator. He saw his primary target in acquiring total control over the country with limitless power. The dreadful things started happening when victims of the regime became not only citizens but family members. The Obiang`s brother was killed by assassins of Macias. Frightened that government forces could also murder him, Teodoro joined the anti-regime forces and with time became their leader. He replaced the first president in a bloodshed civil war. Nevertheless, Marcia was defeated and according to the trial for his deeds, he was executed by firing squad on 29 September 1979.  


Presidency Leader

Teodoro Obiang became a president for a seven years in his first term. In the first three years of his power, he granted amnesty to the political prisoners and also ended forced labor which had been integrated by the previous regime. In 1982 he returned civilians rule, thus illuminated the total control of power by the president. He also provided a new constitution for the people, which was less autocratic. According to this new constitution, the citizens obtained general rights including the right of electing and to be elected. Nevertheless, in the case of the presidency, this right is still nominal.

Leader of Guinea

Obiang is a ruler of an African country with one of the highest per-capita level in the region. Nevertheless, the primary source of income for Equatorial Guinea is crude oil. According to the news reports, the total monopoly for the gross oil revenue belongs to the close family circle of Teodoro. On the contrary, more than 70 percent of the population live below the poverty line, with almost no access to clean water and basic human necessities. Despite the fact that his family has millions dollars income, he does not desire to share with people. Moreover, any signs of opposition to a regime can be cruelly illuminated.

 Leader of people

It seems that Equatorial Guinea just replaced one dictator to another in 1979. Despite proclamations and swears of saving citizens from his uncle-dictator, Obiang might have become a fierce dictator who commonly known within his people as torturer-in-chief. According to UN representatives, the regime of Teodoro Obiang is named as one of the most corrupt governments in Africa. Moreover, it`s one of the most antidemocratic and oppressive regimes of the world. The election is of local representatives is nominal, and real power is in hands of Teodoro family and the ones who wishes to be a part of the family.

leader of regime

The International Amnesty revealed the list of atrocities of Obiang regime. The most merciful types are holding people as prisoners, beating them until they confess in deeds they have never done. Moreover, the system, in this case, is tolerant to all ethnicities and sexes, providing equivalent types of tortures for all people. His soldiers and militia are the most loyal servants of the regime and provide the wide range of tortures throughout population with no actual justice for the crimes against people. The most gruesome accusations of Obiang regime concerns cannibalism. There are rumors, which might be spreading by political propaganda to illuminate all source of resistance that Obiang soldiers skin his opponents alive and feed their intestines to the dogs.

Leader`s family

Since 1979 he keeps reelection cycle where he is always a winner with no less than 90% of voters. The opposition in Equatorial Guinea seems not to have any possibility to change it as all news and media belongs if not to Obiang then to one of his family member. All possible acts of anti-president activism are cruelly oppressed. According to the UN, over 90% or opposition lives not in the borders of Equatorial Guinea where its leader can easily get rid of them. In 95% cases, all anti-president cases end with jail. Around 50% of people happened to be prisoners of the prison will not survive torturers. Over 90% of detainees will suffer from injuries.

Leader of citizens

It might not be enough for an Equatorial, Guinea leader. In recent years the local media and propaganda have consistently been naming Teodoro Obiang as a God. Apparently, he desires to keep his regime not only the political level but also religious. It seems that his propaganda officers keep promoting him in religious ranks. Firstly, he was named as a prophet, then he claimed to be part of Jesus family and finally he decided to become a head of the family himself. The only reason of self-proclaiming as a God is to have absolute power over people`s mind and make citizens of Equatorial Guinea believe that what is happening to them is no less than God`s great plan.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Even gods have the personal life, and Teodoro Obiang is no exception. Obiang is married to Constantia Mangue. They have a son, commonly known as Teodorin, which, supposedly, follows “the god`s steps” by stealing money from the government budget and using them as his property. According to Forbes, Teodoro Obiang possesses over 600 million dollars, which makes him not only the richest president in Africa but the whole world. Nevertheless, as a good, bad president-dictator, he tends to not public his real revenues and claims to live a usual style of life. His health is also a state of issue, where political propaganda claims that the god can have ill health, many sources within his circle informs that his 74 years old health is noticeable.

Leader`s son

Despite the cruelty of a regime and real abusing of fundamental human rights within the country, Teodoro Obiang may know with whom he needs to be friends with. The last visit to the Washington D.C. may buy him more time from the presidency and relieved from official accusing of inhuman conditions of the citizens of Equatorial Guinea. Obiang desires to strengthen his power not only within the country, where he is obviously a winner with no real opposition inbound but also through connection with other nations like India, Brazil, USA, China, Russia. It seems that the leaders of these countries have double standards of evaluating gruesome dictator and severe president.


Leader`s connections

Teodoro Obiang has been a leader of Equatorial Guinea for almost thirty-six years. He replaced his uncle-tyrant on the president post, but it seems that with the death of one tyrant in 1979, Guinea obtained another. Obiang appears to have no real opposition within his country which provides him omnipotent abilities to rule the country, like using the government budget funds as his wallet. Teodoro seems to strengthen his almighty power not only on an economic and political level but also religious by proclaiming himself as a god and his reign as the god`s plan. Where his power within the country is endless, he tries to save his reign by finding suitable protectors of his regime outside his country.

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