When ASUU strike will end?

People are wondering when the ASUU strike ends. What do they want indeed? What are their demands? And will the ASUU strike ever end? You’ll find out all the answers in this article right now.

Everyone heard the National President of ASUU, legendary Professor Biodun Ogunyemi declaring indefinite huge strike over the huge increasing of fuel pump price. So whether you want to if ASUU strike will end soon, than no.

ASUU strike will end today. Not.

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This information was everywhere during many long weeks. ASUU strike will end today. No, it won’t. Unfortunately, there is plenty of disinformation in web. Let’s figure it out. How did it start?

The famous Academic Staff Union of Universities (or well-known ASUU) is a complex Nigerian union of different university academic staff. It was founded in 1978.

The ASUU was created in 1978, following the Nigerian Association of University Teachers, which was formed earlier in 1965. It covered all academic staff in their Federal and, of course, State Universities across the whole country.

The union was actively struggling against the strict military regime in the 1980s. Then in 1988 the union gathered and organized a huge National Strike in order to obtain fair, high wages and the whole university autonomy. So the ASUU was forbid on 7 August 1988. As a result, all its property was seized.

ASUU strikr

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 In 1990 the government suddenly decided to lift the ban. But after 1 more strike it was banned again on the 23rd August 1992. Then some agreements were reached in September 1992.They met a few of the ASUU’s demands (for example the right of all employees to collective bargaining). But it didn’t stop the union. The ASUU organized more strikes in 1994 and then in 1996. They decided to protest against the dismission of the staff by the strict military regime of Sani Abacha. ASUU told about their Indefinite Strike because of the raising petrol prices.

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Then after getting the democracy in 1999, this strict union continued to demand different rights for university workers. It stood against the opposition, but for the government and the President Olusegun Obasanjo. Then in July 2002 they told the authorities to investigate the University of Ilorin for different financial mismanagement and a huge corruption.

In 2007, the ASUU gathered another strike, which continued for long three months. Then in May 2008, there were two one-week huge ‘warning strikes’ to set a range of different demands. They told about improved salaries, and reinstatement of 49 teachers who were fired a lot of years earlier.

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 In June 2009, the union told its members in all their federal and state universities to continue an indefinite strike. ASUU declared about the huge disagreements of the Federal Government work. Despite their agreement that was reached about two years ago.

 Then there were a few more strikes in 2013. It was usually connected with the misunderstanding with government. Usual claims were about funding and revitalization of all Nigerian public universities. Sometimes they said about certain earned allowance.

There was no certain attitude to these strikes of the public. Half of Nigerian students answered that strikes were a curse for them. Another half said it was a pure blessing.

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ASUU say they stand for the socio-economic interests of the whole nation. And if someone hopes ASUU strike will end soon, it will not.

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