When is Bukola Saraki court hearing?

When is the next Bukola Saraki court trial to be? Find out now.

Over the last months the name of Nigeria Senate President was widely discussed by the public and by media. He has become a solo participant of a corruption case as CCT trial has begun. It well might be that the trial for Bukola Saraki that would end his political career!

When is Bukola Saraki court hearing

Bukola Saraki news on trial date

The new date was set by the court and the hearing is to take place on May 31, 2016. The last one took place on March 24. Saraki’s lawyer filed an appeal to the court to postpone the date of the next hearing. They needed more time to study all the evidences the court got against the Senate President.

It seems like Kanu Agabi (the lawyer) got what he wanted. He surely needs a way to figure out his defense line in the court. However, various sources state that this upcoming session might put an end to Saraki’s career in Senate and in politics in general.

bukola saraki trial

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On the other hand, Federal Government lawyer did not mind the request for such an appeal and was willing to consent to it. Why is the upcoming session so important? Well, just because the Supreme Court will not accept any other fillings from Bukola Saraki and the decision would be final! Follow the news and share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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