When was Nigeria army formed?

What is the year when Nigerian army was formed? What countries did take part in its foundation? Read the article and you’ll learn the history of Nigeria forces.

When was Nigeria army formed

Everyone who is interested in the history of the motherland, probably asked a question: when was Nigeria army founded and what is its history? In this article, you’ll find an answer.

When was the Nigerian army founded?

Nigerian army is a very popular theme for discussing, but not everyone knows when was Nigerian army founded. In 1900 on the territory of modern Nigeria was created the Royal West African boundary army, which was a predecessor of modern army. In time of World War II, British trained Nigerian army, which has taken part in the East African campaign. In 1956, Nigerian regiment was renamed into Nigerian army and in April 1958, after Great Britain has provided independence to the country, has been created the Ministry of Defense.

when was Nigeria army founded

When was the Nigerian army formed – history

On July 6 began operation Unicorn, which was planned as a short police action. The commander of government army colonel Hassan Catsine has optimistically declared that mutiny be finished within 48 hours. However, he has underestimated strengths of insurgents. They at once encountered rigid defense and battles have accepted long and persistent character. The federal army from the North in two columns has entered on Biafra's territory. On July 12 Gakem, Nsukka and Ogoya were occupied.

On July 26, the landing of Nigerians has taken oil fields on Bonnie's island in 30 kilometers from Port Harcourt. As a result, Biafra has lost the main source of currency receipts. They tried to beat off Bonnie, but it was unsuccessful. Port Harcourt was blocked by federal forces.

When was the Nigerian army founded

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At peak of military progress, radio of Biafra has declared intentions to enter the capital of Nigeria – Lagos. It intention to intrude to the west has caused alarm at political elite of Yoruba and has led to the fact that Yoruba along with minorities in all areas became incited against Igbo. On August 21 victorious march of Biafra was stopped. Having carried out general mobilization in the densely populated capital region, the military leadership of Nigeria has received considerable numerical superiority over the opponent. By the beginning of September, two divisions of government troops acted on the western front against one crew and several detached battalions of insurgents. Having received enormous overweight in manpower and arms (the USSR and Great Britain have helped here), the army of Nigeria has turned into counterattack and has pushed aside the enemy to Benin City.

when was Nigerian army founded

In this situation, the military administrator of Biafra Albert Okonvo declared independence of Republic of Benin on September 19. On September 22, the city was taken by storm then Biafra has hasty receded on the east coast of Niger. The northwest campaign has ended at the same boundary where it began. At the end of September, 1967 the most part of West area was cleared from separatists.

On September 12, in Nsukka, side advance of army of Nigeria to Enugu begun. And on October 4, it fell down. Ojukwu was forced to transfer the capital to the city of Umuahia in the center of the country. Attempt to cross Niger from the city of Assab and to occupy the city of Onitsha cost to Nigerian federal army more than 5000 killed and captured or missing soldiers.

When was the Nigerian army formed – history

On October 18, after intensive shelling from the fighting ships, six battalions of marines landed in the port of Calabar, which protected one battalion of insurgents and badly armed groups. Along with the North, the 8th battalion of government infantry has approached the city. Resistance of Biafra was broken, and the largest seaport in the southern Nigeria has passed under control of government troops. Federals have occupied other territories inhabited not by Igbo and by the beginning of 1968, war has passed into position phase.

In January 1968, government troops began approach from Calabar in the direction to Port Harcourt. Nearly four months insurgents managed to constrain an impact, but on May 19, the city was fallen. Biafra has lost the last seaport and large airfield. Biafra's blockade has begun. Federals cut out the whole settlements and provoked mass hunger.

when was Nigerian army formed

This is the story when was Nigerian army formed and how did it become the force, which we see nowadays. Today the army of Nigeria is considered the most well equipped army of the African continent. It is due to considerable investments from other countries. Generally, soldiers are armed with weapons of Soviet and British production. In addition, there were arms from many countries: Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Romania.


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