Where Is My Thread?

I can see my thread titled OBAMA:VICTORY FOR THE BLACK has been deleted.

I have heard that somebody had been banned in the past for posting anti-Obama comments.

This is molest of freedom of expression. It is a wanton display of unprofessionalism and naivety.

The comments were not even anti-Obama;but even if they were, what's wrong with not joining Obamamania.

I think the people in charge of this forum(whether admin or moderators or whoever is doing that rubbish) needs some tutorials on how to accommodate divergent views. Somebody once remarked here that NL is a clique. I disagreed with that person and tried to analyse what was happening. It appears divergent views are not welcomed here.

Making my opinion known on issues is something I enjoy doing. I have better and wider mediums to express my opinion on issues. I only joined NL in 2007, four years after I had been having my opinions published in Nigerian dailies. Over 40 opinion-articles of mine have been published in all Nigerian papers, from Punch,Guardian,Tribune,Daily Trust,TheNation, and even BBC website. This same article whose thread was deleted here will be published by Nigerian papers later this week.

NL admin and moderators(or whoever is deleting thread arbitrarily) need to grow up!!!

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All Obama related articles were simply transferred to the INTERNATIONAL politics section, and were NOT deleted.

Please quickly explain now why you must not be flogged for this totally unwarranted grammar offensive against our Oga Seun.

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