Which countries have the highest rate of criminality?

What are the countries with the highest level of criminality in the world and among the non-developed state? We have an answer, and it is shocking! Keep reading to learn more.

crime rate by country

Criminality is growing no matter where you live – in a state with a brilliant control over the law-obedience or in a state where social inequality and poverty pushes people toward breaking the law tp make their living.

Nevertheless, there are countries with crime rates higher than elsewhere, and in this article, we will focus on two lists of countries with the unbelievably high crime rate. The first list will include states from a developed part of the world, while the second one will include countries with poor economics and the fact that people ignore the law and any kinds of restrictions.

Before we proceed to the numbers, let’s see why people of different backgrounds come to breaking the law. You will be shocked to learn that even those who claim to be innocent citizens are officially breaking the law at least seven times each week (this data is gathered from the developed countries, so you can imagine how this number will grow in the countries of the third world!)

crime rate

As the poll taken by British officials showed, there already are officially twenty ways people break the law every day, and to make things worse, they don’t even care about it anymore. There is the new notion that arose in the recent years which is called tolerable crimes. Check out a list of most common crimes people commit on daily basis and do not even care:

1. Taking drugs

2. Not cleaning after pets on the street

3. Parking on the sidewalk

4. Riding a bike on a sidewalk

5. Pirate music download

6. Texting while driving

7. Eating while driving

8. Smoking in a public place

9. Littering

10. Having sex under the age of sixteen

11. Ignoring a seatbelt


These are just a few of those crimes most people do every day without even feeling sorry of guilty. However, the lists we are about to present you show the real situation with the crime rates. These are the numbers of crimes that were actually registered. So let’s see the real numbers:

1.    United States of America (11,9 million)

2.    Great Britain (6,5 million)

3.    Germany (6,5 million)

4.    France (about 3,8 million)

5.    Russia (almost 3 million)

6.    Japan (about 2,9 million)

7.    South Africa (about 2,7 million)

8.    Canada (2,5 million)

9.    Italy (2,2 million)

10.    India (about 1,8 million)

These are the states with the highest crime rate. Even though the United States have an incredible system of control over possible law breaking they top the list and are among the least safe countries among developed states. The question of why it is so remains, but the numbers speak loud enough for the citizens of these countries to pay attention.

You will right if you mention that crimes can be of different seriousness, so it is not absolutely correct to show these numbers without explaining what crimes prevail. For instance, if they most frequent crime of the top country on our list is an act of vandalism, then it is one thing. But what if a country with the smaller number of crimes committed has murder as its most frequent crime? This cannot be fair, but this is what British poll showed us in numbers.

violent crime rate by country

And one more thing: these numbers might not represent the real picture, as there might be countries with the greater amount of crimes, but they were never officially registered. So when looking at these numbers make sure to take these two points into account!

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Meanwhile, we will have a look at countries of the third world with the highest and most violent crime rates. Among these countries are Afghanistan, Trinidad & Tobago, Maldives, South Sudan, Guatemala, Kenya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, and Venezuela. Let’s see what major crimes make the situation with criminality in each of these countries so bad!

Let’s start with Nigeria, as this is our biggest area of interest. As the reports show, Nigerian Boko Haram is one dangerous criminal organization. All the harm and damage they cause can be equaled to the general crime rate of some of the European countries, as they keep organizing armed attacks, kidnap citizens, support robbery, human trafficking, sexual assaults, drug distribution, as well as financial fraud and kidnapping. These are only some of the most violent crimes of Boko Haram; however, there are much more. Still, there are a lot of offenses committed by the citizens, especially when it comes to distribution of natural resources and petroleum.

highest crime rate country in the world

The next on our list will be Maldives. This is the place most people associate with rest and peace. At it is so; however, the place still tops the list of countries with the highest crime rate. Among the most wide-spread crimes here are fraud, drug dealing, and bribery. And no wonder, as life here is quite tough for those not involved in the tourist business.

Another country on our list is Afghanistan with a significant number of kidnapping and drug dealing crimes. The other law breaking acts that prevail here include violent terrorism, bribery, and crimes against the country. The government of the state wanted to improve the situation by threatening people with the death penalty, but it had no effect, and the criminal rate keeps on growing.

Another country we will discuss here is Venezuela. The country’s population is about twenty-nine million people. This is the country where, according to the latest news, one person is killed every twenty minutes. Even though it is so, you rarely associate Venezuela with a high crime rate. When you think of this state, you immediately imagine coffee production, cocoa export, and oil reserves. However, the crime rate is very high there. Apart from murder, the country has problems with kidnapping, human trafficking, and drug dealing.

Trinidad & Tobago, in its turn, in spite of being small in size, this republic has huge problems with murders. It is in this country that you can quickly hire an assassin wherever you go. This is almost a daily routine for locals, and it has been so since the times when Spain came to colonize these islands. Moreover, even though it sounds like an episode from a “Godfather” movie, this country still has a mafia. Gangs that are involved in drug dealing are fighting with each other and compete to get the most of the potential clients. Among other criminal offenses are human trafficking, physical abuse, and plundering.

highest crime rate country

Another country with a high rate of law breaking is Kenya. The good news is that this state is developing into a brilliant touristic destination these days, so there might be improvements with a crime rate. However, the truth is that country is still torn apart by terroristic acts, plundering, drug dealing, bribery, pilfering, and so on. We are only left to hope that it will soon get better, as the authorities would be more interested in decreasing the crime rate to be a better place for tourists to visit.

You should also be aware of the criminal situation in South Sudan where rebels and other criminals are great in number. In spite of being an independent state, South Sudan still has cases when people are being enslaved; moreover, they have a lot of cases of sexual assault registered as well as crimes against the state, terrorism, murder, and different kind of discrimination. And what makes the situation worse, the political circumstances of the country are messed up by hundreds of war crimes that are being committed on the regular basis.

Last but not least is South Africa that also tops the list of countries with the biggest number of crimes committed every year. As the official data shows, at least fifty individuals are killed every day. On top of that, financial fraud is almost a daily routine for citizens of these state along with sexual assault with an unbelievable level of HIV resulting from this.

Now, as you know the names of the countries with highest criminality degree in the world as well as in the countries of the third world in particular, maybe you should be more careful when choosing a holiday destination or when going there to visit. Stay safe!

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