Which Is Worse - Killing In Politics And Kidnapping??

In the SE and SS, kidnapping is high

But it also occurs in SW and N

They seize you and extort money from your people, and in most cases you are alive to tell the story

In contrast, political killing is 100% in the SW; hardly do you read of any in SE, SS and N

Non of these are good, but if to make a choice which will you take?:

To be killed because of politics (SW) and your life ended

And to be kidapped and extorted (SS, SE, SW and N)? You still continue living?

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Yoruba community in Anambra State condemns kidnap of 21 Igbo traders

By Okey Maduforo, Correspondent, Awka

Yoruba community in Anambra State, under the umbrella of Egbe Omo Oduduwa has condemned the alleged kidnap of 21 Igbo traders in Owo, Ondo State, warning that it is a threat on the unity and peaceful coexistence of Nigeria as a nation.


The traders were allegedly kidnapped last Friday by three militant groups known as Palace Boys, Eyin Ogbe Boys and Iloro Youths, who demanded millions of naira as ransom before they would be released.

The militants had last year kidnapped 16 Igbo traders before the latest incident which led to a petition to the state Commissioner of Police Mr. Charles Dawodu, by Ndigbo in the community.

Speaking with Daily Independent in Awka, Anambra State, the chairman of **Egbe Omo Oduduwa** in the area Baba Tunde Adegbenjo, said the incident sends danger signals, adding that there is no state in the country that do not have militants.

"We want to condemn the action and attitude of these militants. We have militants all over the federation and they should consider the fact that if they continue with this other people will revenge and when they do, it becomes crisis everywhere.

"So we are not happy with the attitude of our people back home who gather themselves together and call themselves militants.

"The relation of any of those victims would look for people around to kidnap and those of us outside the Yoruba land or non-indigenes generally would become victims. If this type of thing continues we will have no option but to point to the residence of part of Yoruba land where these activities are taking place.

"The place where it happened is Owo community, so instead of allowing them to go and revenge on Ogwoko man or Akure or Ondo town, we will now point to the residence of the Owo people among us; so that they will go and pick them. This is because things like this spread like wild fire and we will not allow that to happen."

Adegbenjo further noted that security is very important in business interaction and such a thing can affect business between visitors and owners of the land.

"If an Igboman do not feel safe to do business in Yoruba land they will not go there and those of us in Igbo land will not be comfortable and these are the type of incident we experienced some time ago, when the Hausa people had problems with the Igbos and many lives were lost.

"We do not want this type of thing and this is how it starts. So we have to tell our people to stop all these nonsense they are doing. It will not discourage economic development and sound interpersonal relationship in the country."

He urged the Ondo State government to take action quickly to protect the interest of the Igbo in the area as Yoruba and other ethnic groups are being protected in the South East zone; adding that the people at the zone and their respective governments have been friendly and displayed the spirit of brotherhood among visitors and settlers in Igbo land.






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5 Igbo Traders Abducted in Owo

Sunday Kudaisi

15 September 2008




Akure — Kidnapping which is fast becoming a way of life in the riverine oil producing areas of Ondo State, at the weekend, spread to the ancient city of Owo, as suspected armed youths abducted five Igbo traders.

The victims who were alleged to have been kidnapped on September 6 were released at the weekend after an undisclosed huge ransom was allegedly paid by the Owo Igbo community.

Those kidnapped included Messrs Okechukwu Okafor, Mike, Chigozie Nwanekezi and Monday Agboh.

Chairman of the Igbo community in Owo Mr Eze Chidozie, said several Igbos operating in the town had closed down business, adding that they will not open for business until government security agents assure them that their lives are safe.

The kidnappers allegedly consented to release of the abducted people after the intervention of Olowo of Owo, Oba Olateru Olagbegi, the Ojomoluda of Ijebu Owo, Oba Ojomo and some notable Owo chieftains.

The Igbo community in Owo, who however protested to the State police commissioner, Charles Dawodu, after the release of their kinsmen, narrated how the militant youths alleged to be palace boys, Eyin Ogbe boys and Iloro youths made life unbearable for the Igbo people living in Owo kingdom.

Chidozie told journalists in Akure that the militant youths had in the last one year, kidnapped 16 Igbo people and demanded huge sums of money which they paid.

He said: "They just enter our stores carry our goods and ask us to pay certain amount of money before they will release the items and any attempt to argue with them, they will just bundled that person and take him to their cell.

"Thereafter, they will be demanding for money ranging from N100, 000 and above and they will not release the victim until their demand is met."

The Igbo community also alleged that the ugly development had lead to the death of two traders, saying the militants have turned it to be their rights to be entering shops operated by the Igbo traders and threatening to kill or maim them if they (the Igbo traders) don't meet their demands.

The target of the militants is especially those that are into timber business, electronics, medicines and motor spare parts.

The intimidation and harassment he said have been reported to the Olowo and Ojomoluda but that the looting spree of Igbo shops with impunity have not been stopped.

The chairman appealed to the state police commissioner to rescue the Igbo from the hands of the militants who had turned kidnapping and looting of Igbo store to source of their daily income.

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Chiedozie noted that such actions will strain the cordial relationship between the Owo people and the Igbo traders in the town. Adding that all Igbo people in Ondo State would today (Monday) storm Owo and join their kinsmen on a peace protest against the activities of the militants.

Confirming the incident, the state Mr. Dawodu said the victims of the alleged kidnapped never reported the cases to the police.

Daudu said the victims had been keeping the information to themselves, noting that now that it's getting out of their hands that they took the appropriate step of reporting to the police.

The police boss assured the people that the criminal incident would not recur, saying he had contacted the monarch of the ancient city and other prominent traditional chiefs to stamp out the heinous activities of the illegal militant youths


Igbo traders living in Ondo had been kidnapped in the past by Ondo people.

Let me get the story and post it to your shame


lol  my personal opinion must have really affected you

my point was that if you are too be a kidnapper dont kidnap others from different a region, do it in your own backyard so it wont cause ethnic tension in Nigeria


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