Who are Bakassi Strike Force?

Who are this Bakassi Strike Force? What do they want? Do they threaten Niger Delta Avengers? Extremely impressive news about possible future war.

Bakassi strike force

Abuja is a new militant alliance called Bakassi Strike Force has told the federal authorities to return the ceded Bakassi Peninsular, which was taken by Cameroon.

Saturday reports told that the group of more than 600 militants, told that Aborigines in Bakassi were ignored by the federal authorities and other international and local partners.

It was reported, the alliance, also well-known as Esighi, took heavy and quite sophisticated weapons and guns on boats and then marched from Bakassi straight to Esuk-Mba. The group made such a claim on Friday in Bakassi.

bakassi aliance

A Punch reported that the alliance had some machine guns and a couple of grenade launchers, a lot of other weapon. It conceded that it would embrace amnesty, whether extended to them, with its head, also popular as Humble Lion, said:

‘…the Federal Authorities took our oil rich Bakassi away. They took it away from us and decided to give it to Cameroon. How is it possible? We, as aboriginals and citizens, had not been consulted before this criminal action was done. Also there was no constitutional process initiated for the resettlement of displaced people.

Soldiers under the auspices of Bakassi Strike Force (BSF) began to show a rare display of weapons as they told the Niger Delta Avengers to throw their weapons away and embrace peace.

Brandishing complex weapons in Akpabuyo at the Esuk Mba Beach Local Authority Area of Cross River State, there were masked militants dressed in camouflage, singlet equally declared full solidarity with Muhammadu Buhari. They are led by the federal authorities. They mentioned that the negotiating table was the way to move forward, but not violence.

bakassi militants

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Discussing this situation with some reporters, the head of alliance, Mr Simply Benjamin, said they were an indigenous alliance of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, 642 infantrymen. However even though they had gathered enough weapons for war, they still believed the peace is a better option.

Benjamin told: ‘I wish to call on Niger Delta Avengers that destroying Nigeria’s economy isn’t the solution to our problems. It is much cheaper to make peace, because any war leads to more and more destruction and crisis.

bakassi group

The compatriots of Niger Delta Avengers, you should sheath you swords and give peace one chance. I suppose you’ve already made your point. Thus, you have to give the authorities the opportunity to respond. Enough of the explosions please. Now your country, Nigeria, needs peace more than ever.

The modern authorities need peace to make their promises come true. I talked to the sponsors of the famous Niger Delta Avengers. I earnestly asked them to rethink their ruthless actions. I also had a conversation with the top Nigerian security agencies and asked them to tread softly. Because it’s well-known that two wrongs cannot make one right.

We can take the approach of the clever American Ambassador in Nigeria, who begged us to have a dialog as war cannot solve the problem. As you see, I've got enough guns to join war, but I still believe the war is not a solution. I also call on all the Niger Delta ex-militant heads to support the Federal Authorities of Nigeria on their way to changes’.

bakassi soldiers

Telling about the group, Benjamin told: ‘You’ll agree that Akwa Ibom and states of Cross River are parts of the Niger Delta, but we have been completely excluded from the amnesty scheme and other programs of empowerment, created for the Niger Delta youth’.


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