Who are Fulani herdsmen?

Why Fulani herdsmen are so cruel? Read the article to learn about Nigerian danger.

Fulani herdsmen trouble is the people living in the West African countries including Nigeria. As a rule, it is nomadic people. They go in for cattle breeding and trade in sheep. They have no permanent residence. Fulani herdsmen Nigeria live in dwellings of Suudu hudo. These buildings have the dome-shaped form.

Who are Fulani herdsmen

Fulani herdsmen and Nigerian farmers constantly clash because of land resource, which is situated in northeast Nigeria. In 2013, naija news has shaken local people. As a result of conflict between the tribe and farmers, several thousands of people were killed. The violence is widespread in midlands of Nigeria. Farmers accuse Fulani's shepherds that their cattle eat their grain and other products. They also pollute the district. In turn, Fulani accuse farmers of deprivation of access to pastures. They declare that there is no choice and it is impossible to find new place. Also it is rumored that Fulani herdsmen rape women who don't belong to their tribe.

Fulani herdsmen trouble

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Herds were already called one of the most killing terrorist groups in the world, just as Boko Haram and ISIS. The group has given to Nigeria many losses, which are comparable to the damage caused by various terrorist groups. The number of the Fulani tribe makes 20 million people. 70 percent from them are nomadic people.

Fulani herdsmen Nigeria

The most terrible is that they feel full impunity. This cruel tribe doesn't pay attention to the law at all. Because of huge number of these people, Nigerian police can't protect all the victims, who are ruthlessly killed in their houses. For 2015, more than 90 percent of attacks among all crimes committed in the country were recorded. In midland, 81 percent of fatal cases are fixed.

naija news

President Buhari and one of leaders of the country, Wole Soyinka, made a conference to discuss methods of prevention of crimes of the tribe. Politicians said that they have to put an end to violence extended about the country. Soyinka declared that the government has to concentrate its forces on taming of herdsmen.

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