Who are Niger Delta Avengers?

Niger Delta Avengers may become the real enemies for the country. What is Nigeria going to do with this alliance? How to control them? All the answers are in this article.

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Nigeria has plenty of problems. Economic depression, poverty and now militants. It destroy the economy of the country.

Who are Niger Delta Avengers?

Niger Delta Avengers

Alliance Niger Delta Avengers has organized a couple of acts of sabotage against oil facilities in Nigeria. They said that they would do everything to make oil reduce to zero in the country. This information was reported by Reuters with the reference to the group account in the social network Twitter.

The separatist group called Niger Delta Avengers attacked three objects of oil infrastructure in Nigeria owned by foreign companies Shell, Chevron and the Nigerian state oil company.

Their group members justify their actions with the fact that different oil companies, which operates in their Niger Delta, are responsible for environmental pollution. And the residents of poor areas do not receive any benefits from the sale of natural resources in the region where they live.

Niger Delta is the center of all oil production, in terms of which our country is ranked first in Africa. Oil production has fallen to the lowest level. It is  a result of attacks on Nigerian and international oil pipelines.

Recent attacks

chevron oil

Gunmen blocked the work of a huge Chevron oil terminal in the Niger Delta. It happened on Thursday, May 26, according to Reuters.

As stated by the press service of the company, as a result, the members of the ‘Niger Delta Avengers’ undermined the power line, which supply power to Escravos terminal. Currently serving tankers port does not work.

‘We warned Chevron's, - said ‘The Avengers’ - but they did not listen. We have just undermined their main power lines’. It was noted that no person was hurt during that terrible attack.

Niger Delta Avengers say they are willing and fighting for an end of oil production and the transit through the delta of Niger in an effort to reduce the level of pollution. Also they are trying to receive independence for the region Delta: 31 million of its population lives in huge poverty despite the fact that profitable oil production (in the region) brings to the state budget about 70 per cent of all revenues.

The authorities blame the organization in extortion and blackmail, claiming that militants use terrorist attacks to force the oil companies to share profits. In recent months ‘The Avengers’ intensified. It led to a severe drop in oil production in the delta and to outflow of foreign capital. In response, the government introduced additional troops in the region.

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Royal Dutch Shell launched its own investigation into the regular militant attacks on the line of the pipeline in Nigeria. It is reported by France Press.

‘We are studying the information about the attack on our pipeline in the Niger Delta’, - said Preciosa Okolobo, a spokesman for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria.

The attack on the pipeline 48 Forcados was committed on June 3 at night with the use of explosives. Niger Delta Avengers assumed the responsibility for it. According to their statement in the social network Twitter, the attack was the result of non-fulfillment of requirements of grouping Shell to stop the repair of the pipeline.

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This year separatist group Niger Delta Avengers has attacked three objects of oil infrastructure in Nigeria owned by Chevron, Shell and the Nigerian state oil company.  These actions destroy economy. People hope that attacks will end soon and none will get hurt. 

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