Who are the prettiest Nigerian state first ladies?

The most beautiful Nigerian state first ladies. Where are they from? Would you like to see them? You’ll find their photos and everything you wanted to know about them here right now!

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Nigerian Governors are often men with really good taste. Being first lady is very responsibly. State men choose the best ladies all over the country. But 5 of them have chosen the most beautiful women.

Governors always visit public places with their beautiful wives, saying that they are very proud to have such ‘a nature masterpiece’ close. It’s clear that successful men prefer to have beautiful ladies nearby. Some of them even conquer, whose wife is more beautiful. That’s why a lot of beauty queens become the wives of the governors.

We have created a list of the prettiest Nigerian state first ladies who inspite their high status make a lot of young men wish to be with them. Well, here they are!

 Hajiya Nafisat Yuguda

1. Hajiya Nafisat Yuguda, who is from Bauchi. Now she is in her late 20s. Hajiya looks not worse that world-known models. Her pretty smile can make any man look at her face all day long with admire. She is the daughter of Late Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. She definitely got her beauty from her mother, who is former First Lady of Nigeria. Her name is Hajiya Turai Yar’adua and she is very beautiful too.

Florence Ajimobifrom

2. Mrs. Florence Ajimobifrom Oyo. Now she is the 55-year old half Lebanese and half Nigerian. She is Oyo State First Lady. And despite her age, she is still extremely gorgeous. Her tender skin, beautiful smile makes her even prettier than a lot of younger girls. No doubt that her Lebanese roots have added her some special and unusual beauty.

Judith Amaechi

3. First lady of Rivers: Mrs. Judith Amaechi. She is 44-year old Nigerian, who could easily conquer a 30-year old with her beauty. She is the mother of 3 handsome boys. Judith is gifted with a natural beauty that compliments her good personality. A lot of people call her ‘ageless goddess’. Well, there is no doubt it is true.

Victoria Obiano

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4. First lady of Anambra: Mrs. Victoria Obiano. A lady is over 6″ft. Mrs. Obiano could conquer her husband’s political associate and also Nigeria’s former beauty queen, very popular lady, who is now a successful Ambassador, Bianca Ojukwu, in theri 'beauty fight’. Her look amazes a lot of men every day.

Olufunso Amosun

5. First lady of Ogun state: Mrs. Olufunso Amosun. If you would like to see the perfect an ebony-skinned lady, here she is. Mrs. Amosun is the one. Her beauty is natural, pure and indeed African. She is 48-year old woman and mother of five kids and she is beautiful. Her inner beauty has already become legendary, as a woman must not forget to be kind and modest no matter how beautiful she is.

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