Who designed Nigerian flag?

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Every nation has its symbols, heroes, and historical heritage. One of them is a national flag. The only thing you can do to national flag is to give it to the enemy. If it`s torn, the flag is to be burned down as it`s shame to have the national flag in an appropriate shape. Nigerian national flag means the riches of the country itself. It`s equally divided into three vertical stripes. Considering the edging of the flag colored in green which symbolizes agricultural diversity and fertile land of the country. Between green, it`s located a white stripe which means peace and unity of Nigerians. The middle stripe also represents the Niger River as an inseparable part of Nigerian geographical identity.

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The design of Nigerian national flag was actually invented in the year 1960. On the question of who designed the national flag of Nigeria? – There is a simple answer. The inventor of the flag was Mr. Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi. In that time, he was a student of one of the London Universities. Taiwo Akinkunmi made the first flag on his campus and presented it to the Nigeria High Commissioner. According to the history, Mr. Akinkunmi won the national competition for the flag design and was granted by 100 pounds ($288) for his investment into the Nigerian history.

Life of the Inventor


As it`s known from various sources, the inventor of the Nigerian National flag lives in the poorest area of Ibadan. The seventy-nine years old Akinkunmi lives separately from his wife after the old age started to effect on his health. In the nineties when due to economic problems of Nigeria and his poor health the pension payments were irregular, he couldn`t pay for food and neighbors provided their help. One of his only visitors at that time was his son who invested all the money from TV show, where Akinkunmi had given the interview, to the house building. Now the visitors may witness the fascinating building colored into the national flag stripes.

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