Who is APC's candidate for the election on Sept. 10 in Edo?

If you follow the elections, then you probably know who the candidate from the APC (All Progressive Congress) that will take place on September 10 in Edo is. If not, then keep reading to find out.

Godwin Obaseki

First of all, let us start with an explanation what this APC (All Progressive Congress) is for those of us who do not really know. This is the political party whose candidate for the presidential party won the elections last time. Thus, the President Muhammadu Buhari was the candidate from All Progressive Congress.

This party not only had their candidate as a President, but also the majority of the seats in the Senate as well as in the House of Representatives. They won the presidential elections with more than 2.5 million voted for Buhari; however, they did not reach the point of “super-majority” which would be enough to overweigh the People’s Democratic Party.

Godwin Obaseki 2016

The fun fact about the name of the party is that after it was approved by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) back in 2013, a few other organizations registered under the same abbreviation – APC. As the opponents explained, they believed that this move was made as an attempt to disrupt and confuse supporters of the coalition in the course of elections in 2015.

Meanwhile, this time All Progressive Congress chose Godwin Obaseki as its legitimate candidate for th election in Edo. Obaseki has won with more than 1,600 votes leaving his opponents far behind in this race. The authorities claimed that the course of elections was peaceful and legitimate with no violations and with only 40 votes that were considered to be invalid.

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Godwin Obaseki Edo

Obaseki’s opponents were Pius Odubu as his main competitor. However, in the course of the elections he only received nearly 480 votes which is not even close to the numbers Obaseki got.  Among other competitors are Ken Imasuagbon with roughly 240 votes, Chris Ogiemwonyi (nearly 140 cotes), as well as Osariemen Osunbor and Professor Ebegue Amadasu both of whom received eight votes in the race for the position of the candidate from the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Godwin Obaseki seems to be a trustworthy candidate; that is probably the reason voters chose him as a candidate. He looks like a man that can be trusted with a great privilege of governorship. As he himself commented on the elections, they were not easy. He respects his opponents even though they all struggle for the same purpose, they have different ideas and visions on how to do that.

Godwin Obaseki Edo 2016

The victory he received is not just his victory. It is the victory of every and each member of his team who helped him, encouraged him and offered their assistance in creating the campaign before the general voting.

Moreover, when talking to his other opponents he mentioned that this is not the end for them; now they need to focus more on the vision and success of the party in order to make sure it wins in the elections in September. This is just the beginning when the candidate to represent party at the elections became known.

Godwin Obaseki APC

The specialists are already trying to make their predictions on the elections. However, they seem to be too far to be sure about anything. The parties build up their success and promise to increase the living conditions and keep following the road the current [residential administration has chosen, as this road seems to be a successful one.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and make our choice wisely!

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