Who is Bayo Ajia?

Wonder who was Bayo Ajia? Find out more about him now. Get the facts.

The name of this person has become widely known in Nigeria due to his untimely death. Bayo Ajia has been killed in Ilorin on January 18th, 2016. So, who is Bayo Ajia and what do we know about him?

who is Bayo Ajia

How old is Bayo Ajia?

We do not possess any exact information on his age or other data. He seemed to start hanging out with at the Ilorin schools back in 1997 having fun and enjoying himself. But the thing that has started as fun ended up in tragedy.

Bayo Ajia biography facts:

Aiye Confraternity What we know is that this person has been a part of Aiye Confraternity in Ilorin. It is interesting that the first confraternity ever in Nigeria was founded by Wole Soyinka and 5 other persons back in 1952.

Bayo was more than just a regular member, but instead he took a position of one of their ring leaders. This cult group is known for its violence. In August of the last year this confraternity was noted for taking part in severe clash between the two groups: Aiye & Eiye. Back then 16 people were killed on the territory of Ilorin Kwara State. The fight was bloody and cruel. We have no information on Bayo Ajia taking the part in it.

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However, back in 2004 he was involved in the murder of two persons. Yet, he obtained amnesty from the state governor and kept on enjoying his freedom being unpunished. Later on he has gotten involved in politics and was commonly called a political thug in Nigeria.

bayo ajia life

Where was Bayo Ajia killed?

bayo ajia killed

It is reported he has died near the Stadium Bridge in Ilorin by the Taiwo Road. The event took place at the car wash owned by the diseased person. He was assaulted and shot in his forehead. There seem to be 4 people involved in this violent attack.

Where is Bayo Ajia buried?

muslim cemetery

The burial took place the next day as the assassination did. He was buried Muslim cemetery, wept over by his friends and comrades. The question is would this murder lead to further outbreak of violence between the cultists in Ilorin? 

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Bloody lies that son of a whore BAYO ajia was never a member of the black axe rather a useless member of wayward eiye confraternity.lastly secret cult was founded by some Soyinka pirates not aiye Mr poster

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