Who is Boko Haram member arrested by NSCDC in Borno?

Checnk out the latest news from the famous terrorist group Boho Haram. Who is arrested? Find out here!

boko haram

The one of the most famous and the most important criminals was arrested about two weeks ago. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps finally caught the member of Boko Haram in Borno. He turned out to be fifty six years old.

The representative of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Abdullahi, claimed it during his interview.

He also told the journalists that the criminal was caught a week ago – on the seventh of June.

Abdullahi expressed his gratitude to the police who finally got the Boko Haram member. He is very proud of the job his people did.

This 56 year-old is believed to be one of the head representatives of the organization. He not only committed the killings but also supplied the other terrorists with the necessary things for their crimes.

This man didn’t deny anything. Moreover, he actually said some names of the other terrorists, which is going to help the investigation.

Right now the team of the most respectful investigators is busy finding out about the details of the Boko Haram plans and strategies.

This action actually made a huge influence on the work of the terrorist organization. The members of the Boko Haram are left without one of their most important leaders. Probably none of the criminals expected such thing to happen. However, the kingpin is caught.

boko haram

All of the government representatives can’t hide their happiness and satisfaction with the progress of shutting down the terrorism in Nigeria. Safety is the most important thing for us now.

More about Boko Haram

The Boko Haram terrorist organization exists for about 10 years and they have killed an unbelievable amount of innocent people. Moreover, a lot of the habitants were seriously injured and some of them even became handicapped.

The population is still terrified of their actions.

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It is an Islamist terrorist group of people. What they have done is quite scary. Their actions included massive bombings, killings and kidnapping.

The whole purpose of their behaviour is to draw attention to themselves and to make a separate state of Islam.

Their understanding of Islam is a little bit different from the traditional explanations. They don’t allow the Islam followers to get any close to the West ideas about politics or any other aspects of life.

boko haram

The members of their organizations can’t even wear any clothes that the so-called Western people wear and they also can’t take part in any political events, even voting.

The terrorist group isn’t satisfied with the Nigerian government as they don’t share their ideas of religion and the ways the society in the country should be organized. They try to recruit as many people as possible to join them.

The terrorist actions in Nigeria

What Boko Haram does is basically the massive killings of anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideas or those who don’t want to be the member of their group. They have already killed thousands of people including police and governors.

They are also very aggressive when it comes to the other religious. They strongly believe that Islam is the only kind of religion that can exist in the world.

That is the reason why they are famous for bombing the Christian churches and other sacred buildings in Nigeria.

The situation in Nigeria was so severe that the president had to make immediate decisions what to do with the states where Boko Haram had the strongest influence. All of the habitants were really scared because of the increasing level of violence few years ago.

Borno state is one of the most dangerous states in Nigeria right now in terms of terrorism.

boko haram

The inhabitants there are really terrified and that’s why the state lost a lot of people. They are trying to run away as far as possible.

The terrorist group is very powerful right now and that’s why other military forces who were trying to fight them in order to stop their actions, failed. It was believed to be almost impossible to stop Boko Haram members but the Nigerian Security and Defence Corps proved the opposite.

World-famous organization

However, when the government started the active attack on them, they were moving from place to place to make it harder for the military to get to them.

After they found a suitable village on the south, they became even more violent than usually. That’s when their terror actually started. Since then they have killed thousands and are still planning on killing more.

What made this organization world-famous was the kidnapping of the hundreds of the girl students from the Nigerian Borno state.

boko haram

He claimed to the whole world that they were going to become his slaves and he would do anything he wants with them because it’s what he believes the Koran states. However, it is obviously not the true meaning of it.

Two years ago the Boko Haram took control over a lot of areas that belonged to the Borno state.

The leaders are constantly repeating that they need to have the Islamic government which will agree with their ideas and before it happens there is no chance they are going to stop their actions.


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