Who Is Josephine Anenih And What Are Her Credentials?

Other than being Mr fixer Anenih's wife or is it ex-wife, and coming from Anambra, which is in a part of Nigeria where women are known to excel, what are the credentials of Josephine Anenih to warrant her nomination as a minister?

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Well it is beleived that her relationship as the wife of Anenih has actually been a disadvantage to her political career, and she would have been a govenor or the vice president if she was to be judged by her individual contribution to PDP and the Nigerian women and politics in general. She has missed many appointments and even elctives (senator) due to the fact that she is Mrs Anenih.

I have met her on various occassions, and all I have to say is that she is a great woman. Below is a more detailed bio of her (searched for info on google):

Josephine Nwogo Anenih (nee Akubude) was born 6th July 1948 in Sokoto state and hails from Awka south, Anambra state. After a primary education she proceeded to Queens college Yaba, Lagos after which she went to the Midwest institute for a secretarial diploma and then to University of Ife for a degree in education (Bed).

She then went to the University of Benin and bagged a a degree in Law(LLB)  and then the Nigerian Law School.

She also has a diploma from the freedom bible college and the prestigious MNI from the national institute for policy and strategic studies Kuru, Jos.

She was the chairperson of the Federation of Women Lawyers from 1994 to 2000, and was the first National Woman Leader of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) from 1999-2005.

She co-founded the Women Foundation Nigeria, an organization to help Nigerian women exchange views on global women's issues and to help empower women in politics. She is a member of the Gender Electoral and Constitutional Memoranda Committee, which aims to incorporate women's perspectives in Nigeria's Electoral Laws

She was a Special Adviser on Women Affairs to President Obasanjo until 2006

She has a total commitment and dedication to the growth and development of the nation through the complete utilization of her skill, experience and knowledge. She hopes to achieve this through the application of more than 30 years worth of direct experience at diverse levels in legal, commercial, humanitarian and political affairs, in public and private arenas both in Nigeria and internationally.


I. Deputy member of the assembly, International parliament for safety and peace

II. Initiator, indomitable spirit awards.

III. Chairman, Peoples Democratic party constitution review.

IV. Chairman, international Federation of women lawyers(FIDA), Edo state.

V. Initiator, Nationwide drug awareness project(NADRAP)

VI. National Women leader, PDP

VII. Chairman, National Women Mobilization Committee(NAWOMCO)

VIII. National treasurer, Federation of tourism associations in Nigeria.

IX. National treasurer, Federation of tourism associations in Nigeria.

X. Member, presidential policy advisory committee(PPAC)

XI. Secretary, PDP constitution committee

XII. Secretary, NAWOMCO.

XIII. Vice president, Benin chamber of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture.

XIV. Trustee, federation of tourism association in Nigeria.

XV. Director, edo/delta trade fair.

XVI. Chairman, enabling environment forum, edo state.

XVII. Executive director, yakon enterprises Nigeria ltd, edo state.

XVIII. Founder, JMC youth outreach.

XIX. Legal adviser, association of tourism practioners in Nigeria.

XX. Legal adviser, national council of women societies, edo state.

XXI. Partner, anenih & co. , barristers and solicitors, edo state.


I. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) - member

Member,board of trustees

Member,national executive comittee

II. Inter-religious and Peace federation –ambassador for peace

III. African centre for resource studies

IV. International federation for world peace

V. The Nigerian institute of international affairs- member

VI. Nigerian bar association.

VII. African bar association.

VIII. International bar association.

IX. Federation of tourism associations of Nigeria.

X. Benin chamber of commerce,industry,mines and agriculture.

XI. Nigerian associations of women entrepreneurs.

XII. National council of women societies.

XIII. Enabling environment forum.

XIV. International federation of women lawyers- life member.

XV. National institute of management- member.

XVI. Lions club international(akenzua lions club edo)- member& president 86/87.

XVII. Club feminique- president and member.

XVIII. International women societies-member.

XIX. International federation of women lawyers-member&chairman,edo statechapter 94-01.

XX. The edo orphanage- patroness.

XXI. The Nigerian world cross- patroness.

XXII. National conservation foundation-member.

XXIII. Woman foundation of Nigeria-co founder/president.


• Doctor of divinity award.

• Woman of merit gold award-hope foundation Nigeria merit award.

• Outstanding woman leader of the 4th republic award.

• Best democrats award year 2003.

• Award of excellence-PDP south-south.

• Distinguished west African leadership gold award.

• Advocate for the dignity of Nigerian women award-NCWS.

• Woman of honour.

• Woman of valour-university of Nigeria, nsukka student’s union govt.

• Merit award for outstanding performance in politics.

• Distinguished honorary membership award-international inner wheel district 913.

• National youth council award for youth activities.

• Indomitable spirit award.

• The uplifment of women hood-NCWS Edo state.

• Immense contributions o the political development of women in Nigeria- auchi allied association.

• Outstanding achievement-esan megbeh lilies.


• Princess of the most high god.

• Ada eze akaa d”iche amawbia.

• Ada amawbia.

• Onoshiorona of okpella.

• Ochi ora.

• IYOM ada nri nwachinemelu.

• Yeye mofin of ibodi(ijesha land).

She possesses strong leadership skills and the demonstrated ability and strength of character necessary to function effectively in high pressure and volatile environments: her networking skills and contacts are excellent, and she has acquired academic and real-world skills in management and administration. She has developed a mastery of the art of diplomacy along with a detailed knowledge of government policy making and execution structures and procedures. She also has an accurate and up-to –date knowledge of the public legal arena and critical experience in the initiation, implementation and management of control measures.


The basic qualification anyone needs to become a Minister is to have a PDP membership card.


Chairman, Federation of women Lawyers (1994-2001)

First National Woman Leader of the Ruling party (PDP) (1999 - ~)

Unfortunately, lawyers hardly become CEOs if that's what you expected.


I don't search tire oo. I no see any reference to Josephine Anenih, pHD.

But she's qualified to serve as a minister because she is a lawyer.


Thanks. Could you elaborate on the subject of her PhD degree. Below is what I found on her by googling

''Josephine Anenih

Mrs. Josephine Anenih has been a long time female activist and an ardent politician. Mrs. Anenih was a chairwoman of the Federation of Women Lawyers from 1994-2001 and the first National Woman Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from 1999-2005. As the National Woman Leader of PDP, she created gender sensitive and inclusive party policies and worked with other female politicians across party lines to tackle the problems faced by all female politicians irrespective of their party affiliation. Mrs. Anenih has also co-founded Women Foundation Nigeria (WFN), an organization that creates opportunities for Nigerian women to network on global women’s issues and works to empower women to participate in politics.

Mrs. Anenih is a member of the IRI WDN Advisory Board and a member of the Gender Electoral and Constitutional Memoranda Committee (GEM), which works Parliamentarians on an Electoral Reform aimed at incorporating women’s perspective in Nigeria's Electoral Laws.'' http://www.iknowpolitics.org/en/node/486


She's running on her own steam. Has a Ph.D


What are the credentials of most of the unqualified and probably incompetent appointees?


You don't need any credential in Nigeria, all you need is connection.

What is Murtala Yaradua credential?

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