Who is Nyesom Wike?

Following Nigerian latest news? Then you know the name of Neysom Wike. Find out more about this noted personality.

Who is this man? Is he the richest in Nigeria? What does he have with supreme court? Find out all interesting facts and the latest news about Nyesom Wike right now!

who is Nyesom Wike

Nyesom Wike biography

He is a famous lawyer, politician, and Rivers State Governor in Nigeria. It's also his native state. He was born here in 1967. Nyesom is originally an Ikwerre (person from Igbo ethnic group).

What is Neysom Wike career in politics?

nyesom wike in politics

In 2011, he was appointed as minister of education in his state. However, he decided to resign earlier to run for office of the Governor. In 2014, he managed to win the Rivers State People's Democratic Party (PDP) primary. He selected former Secretary to the State Government to be his running mate for Deputy Governor. Thus, he has become the sixth Rivers State Governor.

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How old is Nyesom Wike?

how old is Nyesom wike

Being born in 1967, Wike Nyesom is already in his late forties. He is currently 48. However, he continues his political career.

What is Wike supreme court judgment?

wike supreme court judgement

Everyone has probably heard about the hearing against Wike. In 2015, Election Tribunal of Rivers State started it concerning the elections. The members of APC – All Progressive Congress – wanted to nullify the results, because they were sure of a fraught with malpractices and non-compliance with Electoral Act provisions.

Since the time the case has started, Nyesom Wike profile has become public issue. As for the latest Rivers state news, he has recently in court and won his case. He has called it the victory for rule of law, democracy, and also confirmation of God’s backing for his election as the governor.

neysome wike nigeria

Moreover, he has even decided to cooperate with APC Candidate, D. Peterside (the one who accused him) to develop their state together. As for his work, he has promised that he'll continue pro-people projects of his administration. He claims to be still determined to live up with social contract, which he has entered with Rivers people.

Thus, the issue concerning his election is finally over. That’s why we may wait for some useful work done very soon. As he has promised, the state will grow stronger. However, Nyesom Wike news will keep attracting people for long time. He is a significant and prominent figure in Nigerian political scene.

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