Who is Olisa Metuh?

Watching all the political news and events of NIgeria? Find out more about one of its key players - Olisa Metuh.

Eager to find out who is Olisa Metuh? Get the most interesting facts here! Know more about his biography and personality right away.

who is olisa metuh

He has become widely known in Nigeria for his political affairs. Olisa Metuh is lawyer and National Publicity Secretary of People's Democratic Party. He is also well-known in media for recent court case. As you may read the headlines as follows: Kotu Ta Ba Olisa Metuh Beli.

Olisa Metuh biography:

Olisa Metuh was born in southeastern part of Nigeria, in Nnewi North (Anambra State). He got his education in University of Nigeria (State of Egunu), where he obtained the Bachelor degree in Law. He has started career, working in his father’s firm. Later, in 1990, he managed to found his own partnership company, named Metuh, Okafor & Associates.

Olisa metuh biography

There he served as a managing solicitor. A year later, he was appointed chairman of property management firm – Legend Properties Limited. In 1996, he established company, which aimed at providing people with legal practice, real estate, and share acquisitions services. Since 2012, he has become National Publicity Secretary of the PDP.

Metuh got married in 1995. He is considered a family man, and thinks his wife, Kanayo Olisa, to be his closest friend.

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Who is Chief Olisa Metuh in politics?

chief olisa metuh

As a politician, this man started his career in Igbo United Congress. At the same time, he remained People’s National Forum member. In 1999, he was elected Ex-Officio member of PDP National Executive Committee. Then, he was appointed Secretary of National Peace and Reconciliatory Committee. There he served for two years. Later, in 2002, he became Cross River State Electoral Panel chairman. And in following years, he's had several more appointments, including:

  • People's Democratic Party constitution review panel member,
  • Abia State Electoral Panel chairman,
  • National Auditor,
  • National Working Committee member,
  • National Vice Chairman for Southeast zone.

people democratic party

His current service, as we’ve mentioned, is PDP's National Publicity Secretary.

Many people keep talking about his recent arrest. It happened on the 6th of January, 2016. As Economic and Financial Crimes Commission claims, he was charged of transferring money for arms procedure to fight terrorism to his account. According to the existing data, many soldiers have died because of his actions. Now Metuh is in Kuje Prison, Abuja. He even appeared in handcuffs in the court after receiving N400 million bail.

olise metuh cuffed

The opposition says, current government's trying to humiliate and embrace them in this way. They say it shows the authoritarianism of President Buhari and his government.

However, the judge says that public money must be refunded. Thus, we're still expecting more striking news concerning the case soon.

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