Who is Shehu Shagari?

Can a person to live to his or her 90s in Nigeria? Learn whose 91st birthday is today!

Is Shehu Shagari dead? Praise God, no! He is alive and celebrating today his 91st birthday! It’s right on the 25th of February. This prominent Nigerian, politician and former president was born in 1925. Ex-president of Nigeria Jonathan Goodluck wished Shagari happy birthday and said that this person is a source of true inspiration for Nigeria. He is dedicated to peacemaking in the country even being over 90 years of age!

Shehu Shagari biography

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Shehu Shagari biography

The last name Shagari comes from the village name, founded by the grand-grandfather of Shehu. He has gotten his education from Kaduna College and started his career in politics. Back in 1954 he was first elected into House of Representatives.

Shehu Shagari president

Back in 1979 he fought for the president position with Awolowo  and won. He held the number one position in Nigeria until 1983. This is one of the oldest ex Presidents of Nigeria still alive. In 1983 current president Muhammadu Buhari took over during the military coup and Shagari went to prison.

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Shehu Shagari birthday

He stayed there for three years until 1986. Since that time he had no right to be a part of politics in Nigeria and was banned from it. He was married to two women Hadiza and Aishatu Shagari. The man was able to live a long and fruitful life. Indeed, he can inspire all of us. Happy birthday. 

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