Who is Sunday Adewusi?

Find out more about notable Nigerian person Sunday Adewusi who has become one of the youngest IGs in the country.

Nigeria has another reason to grieve over the death of chief Sunday Adewusi. Let us find out more about his life, career and personality.

who is Sunday Adewusi?

Chief Sunday Adedayo Adewusi biography

Sunday Adewusi biography

We know him as the ex-Inspector General of the police. He was born back in 1936 Nassarawa Eggon LGA of Nassarawa State and comes from the Abraham Ishola Adeyinka Adewu family. His mother was Princess Eyiolawi Abeje. He started the training at police back in 1957 and successfully finished it in 1958. His first notable position in Nigerian police was ADC to the Governor-General. Back at that time Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was searching for the right candidate, personally interviewed the 14 selected persons and pick Sunday Adebayo Adewusi.

He never missed an opportunity to obtain more training or get higher qualification and never skipped any steps up in his Police Force career. His main assignment to the position of IG came in 1981. At that time he has become the youngest among all the Nigerian Inspector Generals! At the age of 32 he has become the youngest among all the police commissioners.

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Is Sunday Adewusi dead?

Sunday Adewusi dead

He passed away in Abuja at its National Hospital. This has happened on January 26th, 2016.

How old was Sunday Adewusi?

The man was 79 years of age, which is a very considerable age for Nigeria. He had a good life and people report him being a very responsible and diligent person. He has set an example for all the others who take up the noble service in Nigerian Police Force. R.I.P. Sunday Adewusi! 

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