Who is the new Kogi state governor?

Why did the situation with elections of the new Kogi state governor become so disputable? Who of candidates became a new governor of the state in a result? Read the article to learn the latest information about this event.

Who is the new governor of Kogi state

Who is the new governor of Kogi state?

Hundreds of supporters of the Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello, exult in Abuja after the Supreme Court supported Bello on elections of the governor of the state Koji. The judgment put an end to the controversy caused by the death of the candidate in place of the governor of the state of the All Progressives Congress in November 2015. The Supreme Court decided that Bello is the worthy candidate to replace Audu as the candidate of APC on elections on November 21 and in the additional survey in December 2015.

Latest news on Kogi state governor

The name of the new governor became known in the latest news. The first application submitted by the member of parliament of representatives and the deputy of the candidate for a position of the governor of APC, James Faleke was rejected due to the lack of merits. The judge of Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun didn't agree with the arguments adduced by the lawyer against Faleke, the head of SAN. In the second statement of Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, the court also found a lack of merits. The court equally refused to dispose about carrying out new elections to the governor's position in the state. The Supreme Court relied on section 141 of the Electoral law 2010. In two other appeals submitted by the African democratic Congress and LP, the court similarly rejected the statement.

Latest news on Kogi state governor

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While the Judge John Okoro, who passed the decision in the appeal submitted to ADC, considered that the statement needed to be rejected, the judge Musa Mohammed supported a preliminary objection of Bello against the appeal of LP and eliminated the address because of incompetence. The court supported the parallel results of Appellate court announced on August 4 in 2016. Olanipekun, who supported Faleke and was earlier under supervision, convinced the court to call Section 187 of the constitution to declare his client the winner of elections because they were technically complete when Audu died.

He told that INEC didn't announce elections not final. Wada, in turn, convinced the court to call Section 141 of the Electoral law against Bello's declaration. According to him, circumstances of a case led to a legal riddle and to an interpretation of the Supreme Court. The judge declared that it is the first time when the candidate died before the announcement of results. It is the first time when someone is sworn in as the governor, without participating in all stages of elections. It is the first time when the candidate inherited votes for the dead candidate. The political riddle in the state could be avoided if INEC called that new elections for people of the state elected their governor instead of allowing the person who had no about five percent of votes to be the announced governor. Alex Izinyon (SAN) representing INEC told that problems in lower courts were very small, having added that the appellant Faleke and the second defendant were members of the same political party. He told that elections were announced not final not because of Audu death, but because of 91 percent of votes, which were disputable.

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