Who is the new Sheriff in town or rather in Edo State? – Why Ali Sheriff does not mean well for PDP?

Why Mr. Ali Modu Sheriff is not in favor with PDP anymore? Find out now.

 PDP Ali Modu Sheriff

Nigerian politics offers some breaking news to the public. The latest buzz is about Mr. Ali Modu Sheriff. Presently the man takes position of the PDP chairman of its National Working Committee. In the past the man has been a member of All Nigeria People’s Party and one of the founding members of APC.

Why people in PDP think Ali Modu Sheriff does not mean well?

Such a statement was made by the PDP head Prince Daoy Adeyeye. He indicated that the man opposes his own party and may do harm to its reputation and well-being. So, People Democratic Party made a rather sharp statement. On Thursday they announced that any party member who joins Sheriff’s committee would be in trouble.

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 Ali Modu Sheriff does not mean well

The key people in the party believe the man works for their political enemies. The party has picked its candidate for Edo elections and that’s Ize Lyamu. All the claims of Mr. Sheriff of getting a court order to set him up in the party leadership seem to be false. He never produced any such paper.

All this situation leads to more contradiction and fight within the PDP, which adds up the strain before the elections in Edo State.

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