Who is the president of Nigeria

Political life of the country affects all the citizens, so stay tuned and learn who is the President of Nigeria now. Only the best facts.

The current president of Nigeria is Muhammadu Buhari, elected in 2015. The elections were held on March 28-29 and Buhari gained over 53 percent of all the votes. He comes from the All Progressive Congress political party. Nigeria has a rich political history with many fascinating facts.

Who is the current president of Nigeria? – Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu buhari NIgeria

Born in 1942 Buhari started building up his military career. As many other Nigerian rulers he comes from that background. In fact, he has already has taken a head of state position in 1983-1985 after one of the military coups. During this coup the rulership of Shehu Shagari president was ended. Prior to being elected as Nigeria president, he occupied the position of the Northern State Governor.

Buhari is married. In fact, he has been married twice and his first marriage ended in 1988. Overall, his two wives gave him ten children. He himself comes from a large family (20 kids), being raised by his mother. Four more times he attempted to take the presidential position in his country, but failed.

Buhari strongly emphasizes his democratic and religious positions, trying to break away from his military past. Still, he focuses his attempts on turning Nigeria into a more secure state, combating Boko Haram extremists. Another strong point of Buhari’s agenda is fighting corruption.  It has to be stated that formerly he kept his promises. Being the military Nigerian ruler, he persecuted and even executed drug sellers and over 400 corrupt bureaucrats. Muhammadu was inaugurated on May 29, 2015 and has become the 15th head of the state.

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Elections 2015

who is president of nigeria

This election is noted for being the most expensive campaign for all the parties involved. It was the fifth election since 1999 with 14 candidates taking part in the run. The two top rivals were Jonathan Goodluck (the former president of Nigeria) from PDP and Muhammadu Buhari from APC.

Many years PDP was the leading ruling party with no significant opposition to withstand. However, the tides have changed and the elections were won by a candidate from the poorer northern parts of the country. Initially the elections were supposed to take place on February 14, but they were moved to March 28 due to Boko Haram activities.

This time voters received their personal voting cards. They needed to issue almost 70 million of them, but eventually the INEC managed to deliver only little over 45 million cards, which also contributed to the Election Day delay. Eventually Buhari has won the election, getting almost 54 percent of votes. He beat Jonathan by over two and a half million vote margins.

All the candidates have carried out active social media campaigns, including Twitter and Facebook. Nigerians have taken active part in those discussions and for many weeks the elections have been one of the breaking news and topics in Nigeria.

It is reported that Jonathan has spent over 2 billion naira on the campaign, while APC and Buhari have spent little over 700 hundred naira. The total budget of all the candidates amounted to 3.2 billion naira. Although, later on Jonathan refused to own up the fact of spending 2.5 billion naira on his election campaign. Obviously, this election has stirred the entire nation and touched everyone’s feelings.

History of Nigeria – The first president of Nigeria

Nnamdi Azikiwe nigeriaModern history of democracy of Nigeria starts in 1960, when this country has become independent. However, it has elected its first president only three years later in 1963. The first president was Nnamdi Azikiwe, born in 1904. His reign lasted for two years and 107 days. He belonged to National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons political party.

Since 1960 he occupied the position of the last (out of 2) Governor Generals. He comes from the Igbo tribe of the north. He got two degrees, one in religion (from Lincoln University, USA) and the other one in anthropology (University of Pennsylvania, USA). 

From his early years he too active nationalistic stand and founded several newspapers, sharing his ideas with the world. He was the co-founder of CNCN and in 1951 was the key leader of opposition to Awolowo government. His presidential term ended, when one of the first military coups have taken place in 1966.

Interesting facts on presidency in Nigeria

  • nigerian politics factsNigeria had 8 military rulers during its independence history
  • There were 6 presidents from various political parties elected by Nigerians
  • The shortest presidential term was just 83 days (Ernest Shonekan, 1993)
  • The oldest Nigeria ruler was 90 (Shehu Shagari)
  • The longest presidential term lasted for over 8 years (Olusegun Obasanjo, 1999-2007)
  • 2015 elections were the most expensive ones
  • There were eight successful military coups in Nigeria during its independence times

Now you know some interesting facts on Nigerian politics and you can easily answer the question: who is the president of Nigeria? Knowing one’s history helps making right decisions in the future. We can learn from our history and make better decisions to shape our future. 

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