Who robbed Bukola Saraki residence?

Did police rob Bukola Saraki house in Ilorin? Learn the news now!

Who robbed Bukola Saraki residence

It seems like today no one is really safe. Even such famous and important people as Senate President get robbed. Find out how people broke into Bukola Saraki’s residence and who robbed him.

The robbery of Bukola Saraki residence

The event took place in May 2016. Someone broke into his house at Ilorin in Kwara State. The event was reported by Saraki on June 5, about two weeks after it took place. He says the robbers took over 12 million naira. The man turned to police at once. Presently Dr. Saraki is facing his own trial and much to worry about besides this house robbery.

Who robbed Bukola Sarak

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Men arrested, being suspected in Bukola Saraki house robbery

Finally, the police found four men suspected of committing the crime. Presently they undergo interrogation.  The police have gotten the video from Circuit Camera Television, which shows who stole the money.

Among the arrested men there is one NSDC officer, a driver, and two police officers! The guys were arrested on June 21. It we are left to wonder why it took for the police so long to find the men if they were caught on video stealing the money.

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