Who threatened to assassinate Buhari in Ogoniland?

What happened to the president Buhari last week? If you're worried, read this article and find out.


There is a serious problem with the president Buhari right now. He planned to make a business trip to Ogoniland, Rivers state, Nigeria to solve some problems. However, the visit never occurred. The security had to cancel it.

Finally the Vice President went instead of him, according to the media. It was the Niger Delta Avengers who threatened him. They say that if he dares to come to the area of Niger Delta then he’s going to be assassinated.

The media confirms this fact but the president doesn’t. He says that the reason for cancelling the meeting is some infection that he got.

Even though the date was established a few weeks ago, he still rejects the connection to the terrorist group’s threats. It’s not that surprising though.

There are still other meetings that he has to do in the Niger Delta Community. However, he doesn’t have any comments about it and he doesn’t make it clear if he’s going to go there or not.

Even though the very important issues should be solved, the safety of the president Buhari is obviously the priority.


Muhammadu Buhari

He is the president who was elected in 2015.

He was in the government of Nigeria even before. However, he had to do a completely different thing. He was connected with the military.

Buhari was a very good military person and this experience still helps him a lot with his job. He is now 72 and therefore, he does have knowledge about the politics. Nowadays Nigeria deals with a lot of problems like terrorism.

 There is a famous Boko Haram group which terrifies anyone who hears its name. They have already killed thousands of people and there is no guarantee they are not going to kill even more.

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That’s why Muhammadu Buhari is a great person to fight with it. He is very experienced and intelligent ruler. However, if something threatens his life, there is something that needs to be done. And except for this, he also really fights with corruption.

When Muhammadu Buhari was running for a president, he impressed everyone with his campaign. It was about the anti-corruption methods. He explained what should be done in order to overcome this huge problem.


That’s why a huge amount of people supported him.

Back then, in 2015, there were 20 candidates which people could choose from. Muhammadu Buhari made a lot of promises about getting rid of corruption and building up a great nation.

What is more, he talked about the equality for everyone. That’s why all the states, even the northern, voted for him. He really got a huge support from the voters which he is still thankful for.

What is even more exciting, his campaign impressed everyone so much that he actually got more votes than the then-president Goodluck Jonathan. It is overwhelming because it was the first case like this in the whole history of Nigeria.


Muhammadu Buhari is indeed a great ruler and he is trying to do the best he can in order to keep the country safe and to make some improvements. Right now our country is facing a lot of difficulties. However, it’s not the time to give up.

 We have to do all we can in order to stay strong and fight for ourselves. We should also support the President Buhari as the representative of Nigeria and hope that everything goes well with him.

If so, he is able to control the country in a good way and provide all of us with a better future.

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