Who Was Actually Behind The Plot?

This conspiracy was masterfully crafted. To be honest I was also caught by their game as I wished Mallam Nuhu Ribadu will resign not knowing that was even the sole objective of the plot. Intrigues!!!! those who whittled down the powers of EFCC were the same people who went to the media with the story and yet they were the same people who approached Ribadu in sympathy asking him to resign.

T[b]his administration claims to have zero tolerance for corruption but the fact that the same administration will appoint someone who spent the last 4years defending treasury looters as AGF leaves more questions than answers[/b]. It is no coincidence that Micheal Aondoakoa's first assignment was the attempted assasination of the EFCC.

Inntitially I thought the AGF is simply being more loyal to his chambers and old friends than Nigeria, thus should resign or be sacked. I said this in the belief that he had misled the President or even when he will like to claim he acted in good faith, he should go for being unaware of subsiting Court Judgements on the same matter and thus should resign for being incompetent.

The truth is that its been a forthnight since we saw what could only be described as an attempt to encourage sleeze by the Presidency and yet heads are yet to roll. The AGF has not been axed and I think Nigerians should start asking the following questions:

Is Micheal Aondoakoa doing the President's dirty jobs and taking responsibility for the outcome? could Ibori's media onslaught against Ribadu accusing him of acting alone be a clue to what the actual policy of this administration on anti-graft is?

I only hope to be proven wrong with time by seeing Ibori actually appearing before the court.

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Wow!!!! In countries like the US, the FBI under guidances from the AG stage sting

operations to weed out corrupt politicians. In Nigeria, our AGF seems to specialize

in devoting his energy to fighting on behalf of looters! I ask once again, is the EFCC

the biggest threat to public peace in Nigeria today? I suppose anyone on the side

of the looters may see them as such, its becoming more self evident where the AGF

loyalty lies.

Heck, our president is so pre-occupied with forming a unity government and preaching

against corruption that I am not sure he even realizes that if the EFCC is gutted, there

is nothing on the ground that can make any real attempt at prosecuting those to be

found wanting in his administration. Does he think preaching against corruption will

make it all go away?


wow no wonder! He is trying to make the EFCC toothless!

I think the Nigerian press(the main govt opposition) really have to pressure on this guy to resign his appointment as the minister for justice, this is not the type of unity govt we want!

A well accomplished govt prosecutor should be in charge! This guy definitely makes his money defending looters and saboteurs


someone pls summarize

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