Who was Barack Obama's dad?

Who is Barack Obama's dad? Have you ever seen his photo? Do you know what was he famous for? How many times did father and son meet? Read the article to find out more secrets.

Barack Hussein Obama

Everybody is aware of who Barack Obama is. However, only few of us know who his father was. Renowned Kenyan economist Barack Hussein Obama, unfortunately, did not live up to the time when his son became the president of the most influential world state. He would have been undoubtedly proud of his son. Let's have a closer look at both the biography of his father and the way of life of the 44th US president.

Early years

Barack Hussein Obama was born on April 4, 1936 in the small village of Kanyadhiang located in British Kenya. His family belonged to the ancient peoples Luo. His father was in army in Burma in the British Royal Army. Then Hussein Obama was a cook for missionaries in Nairobi, where he converted to Islam.

Homeland in Kenya

University and marriages

In 1954, Hussein Obama finally married Kezia Aoko, who bore him four children. At the age of 24, Obama entered University of Hawaii. At the same time he denied the faith in Allah and became an agnostic.

In February 1961, he divorced his wife. Immediately after it Barack Obama Sr. married his classmate Ann Dunham. It was she who became the mother of the 44th US president on August 4, 1961. Parents loved their first child very much.

President Obama`s parents

A few years later Obama's dad began studying at Harvard. On March 21, 1964 his marriage to Ann Dunham was terminated. After that, Obama Sr. only once saw his son Obama Jr: in 1971, when the future US president only 10 years old.

Obama Sr. and Obama Jr.

At Harvard Obama Sr. met his future third wife, a teacher from the USA Ruth Nidesand. She went after him to Kenya, where in 1965 he received a degree in economics. Ruth Nidesand became his next wife and who bore him 2 kids. Soon, however, they also divorced.

Obama's father diploma

Kenya period of Obama Sr. life

Having returned to Kenya, Obama Sr. worked for the oil company. Later he got the post of economist in the Ministry of Transport. Having worked successfully, he was appointed a senior economist in Kenya Ministry of Finance & National Treasury.

In 1965, Barack Hussein Obama wrote the notorious article “Problems Facing Our Socialism”, issued in the East Africa Journal. In it, he harshly criticized the government plan for the building of socialism in Kenya. Later in his book, “Dreams from my Father”, Obama Jr. expressed confidence that such a disputable article led his father to a serious argument with the President of Kenya Kenyatta. As a result, his successful career finished.

Barack Obama's father

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Years of depression

The Life of Obama Sr. was completely destroyed. He started to regularly abuse alcohol. As a result, he spent all their savings on alcohol. And the poor man completely failed to get out of poverty to the end of his life. Being intoxicated, he had plentiful car accidents. During one of them, both legs were amputated. After it, Obama Sr. was miserably quitted from work.


The father of Obama Jr. died in a car accident at the age of forty-seven. The tragedy occurred on November 24, 1982 in Nairobi. He was buried in Nyang'oma Kogelo. Many prominent Kenyan politicians, businessmen, representatives of the intelligentsia attended the funerals.

Barack Obama's father grave

The US president visited his father's homeland

Notwithstanding the fact that the current US president saw his father just once, he was looking forward to the moment to come to his homeland.

Obama in Kenya aeroport

Therefore, On July 24, 2015 the US President had dinner with his beloved grandmother and other family members at his father`s homeland – Kenya.

Obama had dinner with relatives

All family members met in Nairobi hotel, where Obama officially stayed. The next day he visited his father's grave.


Unfortunately for Obama he saw his father just once

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