Who Will Succeed Jonathan In 2019?

Who will succeed Jonathan in 2019?

Monday, 09 August 2010

FROM all indications, despite his silence, President Jonathan is willing to contest for the presidential election of 2011, and as the incumbent, it is impossible for him not to win.

The incumbent chairman of INEC on his own part, as a former Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) President, a member of which I learnt our president was, would surprise us if under him, Dr. Jonathan’s good luck fails to hold then.

Luckily for the president, his political party, the PDP, has decided to do away with its zoning formula. I hope zoning issue would not suddenly resurrect in the future, when a certain individual comes out to contest for the presidency and he/she happens to be one whose face the party hates or likes based on his/her ethnic affiliation, religious inclination, personality disposition to national issues and so on.

I also do hope that come next year, no individual would want to lay claim to the post of the Senate Presidency, Speaker of the House of Representatives, or any other political office of the party, courtesy of the seat being zoned to his/her ethnic group.

Now, let me ask the party’s national chairman, Sir, since according to you, the zoning formula had been jettisoned even before your party’s primaries in 2007, why is it that you accepted to contest for this position on the strength of it being zoned to the South-East geopolitical zone?

In Nigeria, the level of formal education has nothing to do with political sit-tightness. For this, it still baffles me that Dr. Vincent Ogbulafor (of PDP of all political parties) resigned his position as the national chairman of that party, forfeiting the huge amounts, the respect and pride of office involved, rather than going to the law court to fight for his right, prolonging his tenure in office.

This act is un-Nigerian politics, where for doing nothing to better the lots of the masses for eight solid years, someone is now seeking for a third term in office.

With regards to this issue of ‘sit-tight-syndrome’ of our politicians, it is most impossible for Jonathan to rule for just one term and step down in 2015. Surely, his party would clear him for a second term of office. In actual sense, it could be said that he only completed the late President Yar’Adua’s tenure of office. And in a situation the constitution fails to give such a claim, a clean bill of health and amendment would become inevitable by any means. This is indirectly telling other politicians to stop wasting their money. Now ask, who would succeed Jonathan in 2011?

However, I am not against Dr. Jonathan’s dream. He is doing very well like the literate man that he is. Before he became the President, whoever was told that there would be at least, a little improvement in the power sector, would simply laugh off the joke!

Corruption, which grew to its highest level between 1999 and 2007, period during which Nigeria fell from the 27th position it was in ‘corrupt days of Abacha’, to the 2nd most corrupt country of the world. Also, petroleum products are now available everywhere in this same country! If OBJ had done these, we might have bought his ambition of becoming our life president!


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succeed keh. God forbid. by then, all man will be bearing their fathers' names.

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