Why Africans are poor and underdeveloped?

Africa is one of the poorest continents. Why countries of Africa are so poor? What are the reasons of Africans poor and underdeveloped? Read the article to find out!

Why are Africans poor and undeveloped

Why are Africans poor and undeveloped? It can be quite a tricky question that should be discussed by many scientists and sociologists. Africans sport and athletes can be clearly named one of the best in the world. It`s clear that African descendants take first places in many international competitions. Africans in America represented many constitutional rights and freedoms. Africans fought for the equality all over the world. One of the best well-known Africans who fought for human rights was Nelson Mandela.  The list of great Africans can be quite big as they took many places in various spheres of life.

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Moreover, you can meet Africans in many places of the world. Africans in China took good places in studying in various university across this country. Moreover, you can meet Africans in America, Europe or any other part of the world. Nevertheless, why do they prefer to live not in Africa? Why are Africans underdeveloped and poor? What is the reason for being in such dramatically awful state of things? It`s considered as one of the hottest continents in the world with a vast reach of resources. Therefore, why it can be possible that Africa can`t become one of the super developed continents in the world? Here might be some reasons:


you can meet Africans in many places of the world

The main problem of Africa right now is terrorism. There are many groups of terrorists who cause many problems for regular people. Moreover, young people also have a desire to become terrorists for various reasons. It can be connected with poverty and seeking of fame. Nevertheless, the truth is that these young people see no choice to become successful in their lives. Therefore, they become terrorists and follow the ideas of terrorist groups they choose. Unfortunately, the economic state of some countries in Africa gives young people only the path of war.

One of the most notorious terrorist groups that run over all Africa is called Boko Haram. Their main task is to create an Islamic state across whole Africa. It means no schools for girls, direct controlling over the religion and terror freedoms for the population. Another group that has some problems with authorities and can provide some terror to the people is called Delta Niger Avengers. They managed to destroy oil pipelines and provided addition circumstances for the crisis in Nigeria. Therefore, one of the main problems for people in Africa and answer the question why Africans remain poor and underdeveloped is terrorism.


Boko Haram

War – why is it so good to fight on wars for young Africans? The answer is quite simple – it provides money. Since the parade of independence of African countries in a previous century. Since then, African continent became one of the hottest points on the Earth. It's not surprising, as it was difficult to control all that nations under one roof. Therefore, it was only the matter of time when they start fighting with each other for territories or other reasons, like religion or money. Nevertheless, wars are the reason why Africans are still underdeveloped and poor.

The conflict zone is the most problematic zone to find investors. Nobody will ever work with the country with the constant war situation. It means that citizens of the country in war can expect only humanitarian air and nothing more from the out world. Wars can invite wars into the lands and nothing more. Blood will invite more blood. Therefore, Africa can be a nice base for different military and para-military groups to fight with each other. It should also be mentioned territorial problems within Africa. Other reasons for wars are nations that can`t live with each other for various reasons.

Criminal situation

Criminal situation

Due to the high poverty level, many young Africans choose another path to find their way in life. Africa is the most criminal continent in the world. Every second you may hear about acts of violation of human rights in Africa. The poverty provides no choice rather than to fight the path with guns. Unfortunately, many countries in Africa do nothing to prevent the situation from growing. Moreover, they even cooperate with criminals to keep the situation with poverty under control. One of the most difficult situations for today is in Somali, where there no real state power or authority and the country is controlled by different criminal syndicates.

Why are Africans poor and underdeveloped? The reason is in the criminal situation around Africans. Unfortunately, they do not desire to change it. The cooperation between criminals is quite open. It seems that prostitution, drug and weapon trade is going under the nose of police forces. They just have a part of it by not interrupting the criminal activities. Therefore, simple people have no one to protect them from criminal guns. It also means no investors in countries with such problems. Another part is no money for countries.


Corruption in Africa

It`s quite interesting to see how presidents of African Republics build new castles for themselves when almost 80% of Africans have no access to clean water resources. Corruption is another big problem why Africans are poor and underdeveloped. The highest authority ranks in many countries of Africa live much better than their compatriots when their official salary can`t stand the value of cars, apartments, and jewelries in their possession. The laws for African countries about corruption are written only on paper. The real situation is quite simple if you follow the path of the president and of one’s country and it`s government, and share your money with these people – you can be perfectly safe from any part of the criminal responsibility for your action.

Corruption is connected with all parts of the countries of Africa. It seems that no question can't be decided with bringing money to someone. Nevertheless, the problem is also in the mentality of Africans. It seems that regular citizens of Africa are enraged not because of corruption in their lands, but because they are not part of this corruption. When they become somebody, like an authority, they quickly forget about laws and follow the corruption schemes.


Drugs in Africa

Nobody is going to deal with countries connected with so many drugs distribution. Drugs make people poor and underdeveloped. There is no reason to continue drug traffic in countries of Africa. There are two main problems for Africans in the case of drugs. First reason is the production of drugs. As it was mentioned earlier, the criminal activity in Africa is quite on the high level. Therefore, production of drugs in Africa can have colossal scales. Moreover, the climate and the vast resources including human resources are quite beneficial circumstances for spreading drug production.

Another problem connected with drugs is a good distribution base. As it was mentioned earlier – corruption increase the level of distribution in the countries. Moreover, drug addiction is one of the main problems in Africa. People see no future in their continent and want to get high quite quickly. It can also be connected with the government as narcotics can be quite a weapon to control poor population under control. Therefore, there are no obstacles to prevent drug production in Africa or drug distribution in Africa. It means that real source of underdevelopment can not be illuminated at all. People have to live in these circumstances.

Slavery background

Slavery background

One of the problems connected with why Africans are poor and underdeveloped is their slavery background. Africans mostly populated the world because of the slavery trades in their path. Therefore, it can be said that slave mentality can be their main problem on the path to freedom and independence. It`s not showed in the way like Africans have a desire to try shackles again. It`s provided in the way that they expect something. They expect better conditions of labor from their government and better life from gods. They prefer to be employed rather than to be employers. It`s showed on the scale of countries.

Moreover, they are not interested in results of their work at all. Even on the macro level – families prefer to expect help from the country rather than search new ways for raising money. It must be said that the situation is changing into the quite better path. However, it`s not that critical to change the overall situation in the mentality of people. Instead of finding spiritual reasons into the poverty of African regions, it should by found the problem in the inability to take the responsibility for their lives. It`s inability to provide business conditions not only for investors but also for themselves.


Oligarchy in Africa

Why Africans are poor and underdeveloped – the answer is an oligarchy. As it was mentioned earlier, the corruption on the African continent reached colossal scales. There is quite a space between absolutely poor people and absolutely reach. The problem is that these reach people are connected with government and politics. Instead of dictating the laws for all people of the African continent there is diction of laws for poor people and some exceptions for reach people. Fascinating to see how presidents of some countries in Africa have castles in their custody with supercars, where more than half of their country are in poverty.

It seems that only members of the family and close members of the politics and businessmen have real power in countries. It can`t be seen then a regular guy might become someone in the African country. The strongest families in African countries control the vast majority of necessary resources officially and unofficially. It can be seen that the owners of oil and gas pipelines together with gold mines are members of the same family connected to the president of the country. Therefore, their children can get a better education beyond their countries.


Education in Africa

The next reason why Africans are poor and underdeveloped is education. People can`t get proper education that can be reasonably good for their circumstances. There is a large number of institutes in Africa, but they can`t guarantee that after finishing these institutes – people can find a proper job. Therefore, it only means that they can spare few years of their lives wasting on something that they will not do at all. It means that a country which wastes their money into education – spend no money in the education at all. Therefore, the country can be granted with no real specialist and professional. It means that money is wasted in vain.

Moreover, these specialists can`t guarantee that they will work in the sphere they have chosen before. The poverty can only guarantee them the circumstances to find better job position. It means that the priority for many Africans is not their work, but money that they can get from this job. It also means that they are ready to leave the countries of Africa when they get this opportunity. Even presidents don`t hide the poor situation in their countries about education. They children do not usually attend universities in their countries.


Illness in Africa

Africa is the continent connected with many known viruses in the world. People can`t be offered with good medicine and good hygiene conditions. Therefore, they have no choice than to suffer from obstacles with these illnesses. One of the previous virus that could destroy Africa was Ebola virus. It provided many problems to the people of West Africa. It was one of the most monstrous diseases that could be mutated.

Another problem is connected with not enough money for health in the countries of Africa. The overall situation with health and hygiene is quite drastic. People can`t get enough water resources for their daily life. Moreover, they suffer from starvation.  They can`t get clean water supplies. It means that they can`t clean their fruits and vegetables or any products. Therefore, it means that Africa can continue to suffer from the various disease as there is not enough money to support health and development of medicine in the countries of Africa.


Faith in Africa

Another problem for people in Africa is their faith. They are too much dependent from faith. It seems that the most pastor milliners are concentrated in Africa. Therefore, people in Africa believe in God, but they depend on too much on it. Instead of fighting the poverty and provide money to fighting the poverty, they want to spend their money on religion. Their religion is their shield, but it also their curse as they can`t see the idea that everything in their hands and they can help themselves if they want. Instead of this – they pay much attention to their faith and spiritual problems when they have real problems in their lives.

Therefore, they can invest much more money into their real problems instead of find themselves in religion or any other spiritual guidance.

Bad job climate

Bad job climate

No certain job can clearly satisfy a person. Nevertheless, if it`s connected with Africa – there is no good paid job. People in Africa can`t be granted with good job opportunities as it`s usually connected with business only. People can`t get enough money to support their families and governments do not do much to change the overall situation because of money problems. Therefore, young Africans prefer to leave their countries to find a better life, not in Africa. It means fleeing to Europe or the USA, but the problems are still the same. Nobody can grant them better life there, but they keep coming to other countries as they pay much more. They also desire to stay in that countries and start a new life without poverty and illnesses.

Bad Investment climate

Bad Investment climate

If we count altogether the previous problems, it`s obvious that Africa has bad investment climate. The overall problems with poverty, illness, corruption, war, criminal and terrorist activity – it can be quite certain why Africans are poor and underdeveloped. There are too many problems that they can`t decide for many years out of the parade of independencies from the previous century.


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