Why Apostle Johnson Suleman urges Igbos to stop agitation for Biafra?

Apostle Johnson Suleman urges Igbos to stop all agitation for Biafra. The latest facts. You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about political news right now!

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Apostle Johnson Suleman is famous Pastor, who has being seen in the news all the time lately. It happened because of a scandal with Nasir El-Rufai.  He was discussing the agitation for Biafra.

General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry (also called OFM) and the Senior pastor, known as Apostle Johnson Suleman, told the Igbo people of the country to finish the agitation for their Republic of Biafra.

The priest shouted at Igbo people, urging them to avoid Biafra agenda and search relevance, but not the creation of the new nation.

Also at the weekend Apostle Johnson Suleman told Encomium that, ‘Biafra is already dead and buried’.

He told: ‘The Igbo people cannot even rule and help themselves, so they should go out and sit down. For example, there is IPOB and MASSOB, as you see now they already have a division. However, you couldn’t and can’t rule yourselves, but you want to rule a nation, it’s totally impossible.

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Igbos should forget Biafra agenda at all and search some relevance, but not the creation of any new nation. It’s not a mind-set. And it’s totally not achievable. The reason is that the real Igbo people who could have struggled for Biafra do not exist anymore’.

Speaking on the ongoing revolt and murders, caused by Fulani herdsmen, the Apostle added: ‘It is all fake. And there is not anything like the Fulani herdsmen.

Also those, who go after him, will be shown in the near future. The first question is ‘who armed them?’.  For example, AK-47... Now look at Boko Haram, certainly it is not over at all.

What do they will to get? They want to put people in the siege, the place in Nigeria within the framework of the North fear. There are certainly some people behind these ones.

Johnson Suleman

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Now people were murdered in Enugu, Aba, who had been brought to trial? When Buhari found out about this, he said that we should not worry about the case. It will be all over in 15 months. So does it mean that the northerners are totally free to kill and murder until when? This was the reaction of the leader’.

Nigerians are rolling in the deep. Maybe abroad, the people’s strength is their right but in Nigeria, unfortunately, there is nothing like that. Everything, what is happening, is political.

And none can tell when it stops. Or how it can be stopped. The authorities play their own dirty games involving people in it. The nation is suffering and none is trying to help. The strikes are everywhere, people are gathering into different groups and alliances. The government must open its eyes, because people are not so stupid as it thinks they are.

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Let’s believe that the situation will change soon. There will be no murders, explosions, strikes or any other misery. Poverty will disappear. Nigeria will become a developing country of happy people. The news will be good. The nation is waiting for this. It deserves the best country for its children. Let’s hope the government will hear the shout of the people.


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