Why are Akwa Ibom women planning to protest nude against FG?

What are the latest news about consequences of Niger Delta Avengers’ attack and why women of Akwa Ibom state decided to protest nude? Why do they accuse Seven Energy Company? Read the article to learn all the details about these events.

 nude protest

News today – nude protest

Akwa Ibom women of Obotim Nsit community in the field of Nsit Ibom Regional authority promised to protest nude. The group of women also threatened to cause anger of gods against Federal government and certain gas company in their community. The pipeline of the mentioned company in Obotim Nsit community was blown up on July 24 by NDA, thus having increased fear of women and their requirement to support safety. The upset Akwa Ibom's ladies claimed that the company and Federal government left them after destructive incident, claiming that explosion caused significant damage to all buildings in the village, except destruction of their farmlands and other means of livelihood.

According to them, the company, a partner of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), which constructed the pipeline just evacuated the equipment and left the land after the incident, without caring for villagers who were affected by the crash. NDA said that undeclared truce with leaders and concerned parties of the coastal state of the delta of Niger would suspend the attacks. In response to earlier request about claims and attacks on the environment the representative of paramilitary group, Gen Mudoch Agbinibo sympathized with people, but said that it was inevitable action, which they should do to be released.

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Akwa Ibom women

Eteidung Okon Aaron Ukpong, or the Voice of delta of Niger, declared that explosion destroyed nearly 2000 buildings in community. In addition to destruction of houses of villagers and deprivation of means of livelihood, he told that people became susceptible to any danger and unreliability as their houses stand on the shaky bases with roofing sheets weakened by harmful chemical effects of gas.

‘Seven Energy arrived and evacuated their equipment from places, which pose a threat to them. It means that they don’t care for disaster, which they drew upon us after capture of our earth to lay their pipeline and to determine location of the distribution valve. They aren't concerned by health hazard and common problems, which brought emissions of their pipeline to our earth. They shouldn't induce us to leave naked on streets as a sign of protest. We need compensation for the losses, which resulted from explosion of the gas pipeline and deterioration in our ground, as that distribution valve of the gas pipeline was established in it (at High school of Asang). We will go naked on streets to provoke gods of our earth to action against these people who suddenly became our enemies.

Besides, our farmlands became worse and don't give good harvest as a result of harmful chemical emissions on the earth any more. Even roofs on our buildings serve no more than one year because of the leakages caused by adverse effect of chemicals nearby. And now explosion, which happened on July 2016, caused final fracture of our farms, our buildings and investment and were changed by the attitude of the government towards us after we made the list and specified the size of losses. It would be desirable to hope that involved company will respond on claims of women and will make something on ruins of community’.

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