Why are the Gabonese not satisfied with the recent elections results?

What do you know about the riot in Gabon? How Gabonese people reacted to the Presidential election results? Read the article to find out!

Ali Bongo

The Gabonese Parliament ablaze after announcing of the Presidential election results on the previous Wednesday.  According to the votes results, the 99,5% of votes were given to the Ali Bongo. As a newly elected president, Ali Bongo declared that elections were just, peaceful and democratic. Nevertheless, it seems that poorer citizens of Libreville did not agree with results of the votes. Therefore, just in few minutes after announcing the results, people swallowed the streets with transparent and proclaimed angry mottos to the Parliament, like: “They stole elections.” The national police were forced to take actions and isolate the poor neighborhood with the citizens from another part of the city.

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Gabonese Parliament ablaze

The riot of Gabonese people is entirely understandable as a family of the newly elected president has been securing the Presidency for fifty years. Therefore, there is hardly any branch of politics or economics where Bongo family is not involved. Moreover, under fifty years of family ruling, the Bongos managed only to secure their positions in the top branches of politics and management of Gabon. As it stands, the opposition in the country can hardly manage to fight with this colossal power in the country. Jean Ping, as the main rival of Ali Bongo, declared the results of the elections as a fraud and declared himself a winner.

results of the voting

The international community expresses disturbance on the situation in Gabon. The USA, France as a former colonial power and EU called for revealing the results of every polling station to the Gabon people. Therefore, they believe that this action can be a chance to provide stability and peace after the Presidential elections. Nevertheless, the members of election commission can provide only the information, which it would be difficult for Gabonese people to accept the results of the voting.

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