Why Biafra is threatening president Buhari?

The situation with Biafra is still hot in Nigeria. Learn what IPOB had to say this time.

Biafra threatened to the president Buhari, again. IPOB declared that they are going to renew the national protests. Recent imprisonment of their leader in 2015 became the reason of this conflict. Earlier the group demanded his release. Now these people said that they were tired of waiting. 

biafra vs buhari

The first waves of protest have passed on the southeast of the country. According to them, revolt will force the government to change its decision. Earlier Biafra already organized protests. According to them, “the people stopped not because of fear. Our community just wanted to show to the government that we allow them to release our leader without serious consequences”.

state of biafra ipob

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The group considers that their leader has been imprisoned unfairly. They say that Nnamdi Kanu didn't commit a crime. The federal government already took measures for disposal of revolt. But Biafra remains unshakable. Its participants say that if even somebody will kill them, they will fight for their opinion and the freedom till the end. In addition, they have stated threats to Buhari.

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